Today’s snow has — without much trying — tipped me over the edge of laziness, thus canceling all of the errands I was going to run this afternoon.

Instead, I’m at home, being very unexpectedly writerly.

I’ve been plugging away on the Sooper Sekrit Project, a bit here, a bit there, 2355 words so far today. WTF? Okay, it helps that I was writing my way toward a scene I was really looking forward to, which is now officially on the page (as opposed to the fragmentary bits/notes I had before). But I’m just feeling very writerly.

Okay, so it isn’t the kind of productivity I need the most. But I’ll take it.

I still have no idea how to pace this thing. I have a better beginning, though, and Karen’s onstage now (sorry, khet_tcheba, you’re not the one she’s named for), and Ethan’s developing just as problematically as I had hoped.

This, by the way, is violating my “never write every bit I know at once” rule. But technically I’m still in the “play around with this and see where it goes” stage, rather than the “thousand words a day until I’m done” stage, so if I find myself at a dead halt tomorrow it’s no biggie.

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  1. lady_jade_01

    I’m not allowed to be. I’m behind schedule on some sewing due for a client.

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