Is exactly what I need to keep in my head as I ponder this upcoming Victorian book.

(A book which really needs an icon of its own, and also a title. And that other book over there needs a title too. Why are all the things I’m working on remaining obstinately nameless? “Victorian steampunk faerie fantasy” and “Super Sekrit Project CHS” get old pretty fast.)

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  1. dyrecorn

    Ok, so it doesn’t fit with your “should come from obscure writing from the time period” rule, but when I saw this:

    “Victorian steampunk faerie fantasy”

    for some reason, “Ill Met by Gaslight” popped into my head. Just thought I’d share. ^_^

    • Marie Brennan

      Alas, Sarah Hoyt has an Elizabethan faerie fantasy that’s Ill Met by Moonlight, so I probably ought to stay away from the phrase.

  2. moonandserpent


    The un-named partial manuscript of evil is apparently the very (according to the article) definition of the Steampunk.

    Steam? Yes.

    Anxiety. Gods yes. (Given that while it’s nominally the Wild West, the setting more resembles 21st century Africa with some of the worst bits of the industrial revolution thrown in.)

    And it may be punk. (Protagonist? Nihilistic Middle Eastern female gunslinger.)

    Of course that was the mission statement… write a Wild West Cyberpunk book.

    Huh. Maybe I’ll finish it.

  3. ratmmjess

    Heh. I wrote the introduction to that anthology–at least, I think it’s the introduction, alternatively it might just be an article in it–anyhow–and Jeff said, in part, what I said in my article. (Which begins as a survey of the 19th century roots of steampunk and ends with me railing against every brand of steampunk that ignores the “-punk” part).

    Of course, Jeff said it a whole lot better than I could. I wish I’d told him to rewrite my ending.

  4. ratmmjess

    Well, now I feel foolish. That was Cat Valente who wrote that. Of COURSE it’s better written than what I wrote. Duh!

    • Marie Brennan

      Oh! I hadn’t even noticed the byline on it; I thought “Ecstatic Days” was all VanderMeer. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. danielmc

    “The Fae’s afoot” ?

    hmmm. srsly?
    I like “i’ll met…”

    “SteamFae Adventures”
    “A study in twilight” ?

  6. lowellboyslash

    Awesome. Very well written comment.

    I agree, and I bet you’ll do the steampunk thing well–but yeah, keep it punk!

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