If the last two days of work have not precisely slain the Paper Monster, at least they have dealt it not one but several Mighty Blows.

See, the Paper Monster can’t actually be killed. I turn my back, and the next thing I know it’s sprouted more bills and class papers and critiqued drafts and scribbled-on bits and oh wow I never even opened that envelope. But it can be beaten into submission, at least temporarily.

My mistake was letting it grow so big this round. But it grew, and then I was moving, and then I was in England, and then I was noveling, and then I was getting married. The results were predictable, and entirely my fault.

On the other hand, I have a floor again. And maybe this time I can even keep up with my filing system.

Hah. Optimism.

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  1. kendokamel


    Indeed, Paper Monster Slaying is a full-time job!

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