Not the sort who send you e-mail or ask for autographs; the sort you hold in your hand, for cooling yourself.

Does anyone have a recommendation for how to hang folding fans on a wall in a manner that won’t damage them? The one time I’ve done it, I’ve put in two small nails just inside the outermost sticks, below the fabric, but that warped the fabric where the weight was resting on the nails. I’m looking for a better solution. (All I can think of is nails on either side of the pivot pin, but they’d have to stick out awfully far, and I’d still probably need small nails at the top corners to keep it open and flat against the wall.)

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  1. m_stiefvater

    Welll . .. I can’t say I’ve ever hung fans before, but I have had to ship and frame and otherwise make hundreds of pieces of art look beautifully presented for my real-life career. Which is sort of the same!

    How much pressure do you need to keep them open, or do they just stay open once you fan them out? If it’s not a ton of pressure, you could use double-sided tape. They make acid-free varieties of it that you can find at craft stores that won’t discolor your fan.

    Whoo! I did a quick google search for fan and double-sided tape and I think this will help you:

    • Marie Brennan

      Hmmm. I think those instructions work better for oversized decorative fans, because with those, the sticks are long enough that they can lie pretty flat against the wall. Hand-held ones don’t lie flat enough for me to trust that double-sided tape would hold them.

      Some of the ones I want to hand need pressure to stay at their full extension; others don’t.

  2. mallory_blog

    At the very least use something like the alligator clips for holding paper so you don’t put a hole in one then you can put the nail through the arms of the clip – there are tons of clip styles out there so you maybe can find something new that hides even better.

  3. khet_tcheba

    I recall seeing a number of fans displayed on a wall in some sort of supporting cradle at one time, but I have no idea how one might come about something like that. This is as close as I’ve been able to find online – perhaps something like this might be attached to the wall, rather than damaging the fan itself?

  4. oddsboy

    First you need to lick them, and then you throw them on the wall. The technique is similar to the one demonstrated in UHF.


  5. Anonymous

    Since we’re in Vancouver at LES and I know Hitoshi is here, I’ll ask him if he knows a good way to do this. Also when we were in Healdsburg in Sonoma there was a fan museum there and they had fans displayed on walls. Try googling the museuem.

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