0 Responses to “OMGAAAAAAH”

  1. kendokamel


    I never polished my toenails, until I started doing kendo, of all things. It started as kind of a joke.

    You know… bwahahaha, I am dressed like a fearsome samurai and am about to beat you with this really big sword… but don’t my toes look pretty?

    • Marie Brennan

      <g> I can see the appeal of that.

    • eclectician

      I actually had a team mate who used to do that. She found, quite by accident, that she played better when she had fire engine read on her toenails, and thought it was because her opponents got momentarily distracted.

  2. mrissa

    I had that particular first thing last week. I managed not to scream or kick the pedicurist.

  3. danielmc

    is this a part of the weekend you don’t recall?

  4. oddsboy

    Heh. I’m imagnining some very small gnome hurriedly dancing about your moving feet Sat. trying to polish your nails without your noticing.


  5. moonandserpent


    I got a pedicure for your wedding, with siberian blue nail polish! 😛

  6. sapphohestia

    Painted toes for the win!

  7. princess706

    The last time I had my toes UNpainted, Bryan looked down at my feet, looked up at me, and declared, “Those are not my baby’s feet. They look wierd.”

    ::waggles toes at you::

  8. mimi_cam

    Hi 🙂 I’ve added you, hope that’s okay. I watch fangsfurfey & you piqued my interest, so I kinda wanted to find out more about you & your writing x

  9. sora_blue

    Mine are a lurid pink color that needs retouching. 🙂


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