radio silence starts

Not like I haven’t been under a pretty thorough radio silence lately anyway, just with being insanely busy. But in half an hour I’m going to be kidnapped for the start of my bachelorette party, and then there are rehearsals and dinners and the whole gettin’ hitched thing.

When you hear from me again, I will be married.

(Assuming all goes according to plan.)

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  1. mrissa

    I hope it all goes smoothly! But remember that it doesn’t have to go smoothly, it just has to go: the important thing is that, barring ninjas rappelling in and slaughtering the officiant and guests, you will be married when we hear from you next.

    (The ninja thing is how I learned not to ask Mark, “What’s the worst that could happen?” He was worried about our wedding, so I asked, and he immediately said, “Ninjas could rappel through the skylight and slaughter the officiant and all of our guests.” I said, “That’s why we invited [our college friend] Aaron.” “To deal with ninjas?” “Yes.” “Oh.” And he relaxed fractionally.)

  2. d_aulnoy

    Yay! Best wishes possible to the both of you on all of it ….

  3. mastergode

    Break a leg! And congratulations!

    I hope that you have many, many years of wedded bliss ahead of you. =)

  4. danielmc

    see you saturday.

  5. gollumgollum

    Have fun tonight!1 See you Saturday. (:

  6. anghara

    mazeltov, and enjoy every minute of all of it! And congratulations and my very best wishes on your marriage!

  7. sartorias

    Best wishes that all goes super well!

    (today being my 27th anniversary, I can testify to this time of year being a good one for weddings!)

  8. elizaeffect

    Rock on. Congrats. 🙂

  9. diatryma

    Eeee! Congratulations and I hope everything goes well.

  10. kwaller

    Many, many congratulations!

  11. unforth

    Yay!! Have fun at the par-tay, and a wonderful wedding, and post pictures or something, there’s a dress I want to see!!!! 🙂

  12. kzee

    Enjoy the wedding and congrats again.

  13. strangerian

    Best wishes to you, for a happy wedding and a happy marriage. Short of an *early* attack by the English (assuming you’re a Tudor-era Scot) at the nuptials, you’ll be married and the rest is just shouting. It’s also one of the best excuses for a good party, so don’t let your guests have all the fun!

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