The deadlines, they laugh at me!

Wow. Shortest edit letter in the history of publishing. (Or at least my history of publishing. And apparently my editor’s history of sending such things.)

Seriously, this thing is one page long. And the top half of that is letterhead followed by the Standard Introductory Paragraph of “Thank you for sending this to me, it’s great, here’s a few nice things about it.” Three paras of Things To Fix, and we’re done.

Mind you, it isn’t three paras of “here’s a few typos;” the three things she touches on are a little more pervasively problematic. As I put it in my response to her, they’re of the “one sentence to describe, rather more to fix” variety. But really? This is the kind of edit letter that makes one come close to collapsing in weak-kneed relief. Oh thank god, she doesn’t want me to rip out this entire plotline and change the ending and replace that character with a one-legged midget from Morocco. Just a few things that aren’t quite clear or powerful enough.

The downside? With the edits so relatively light, she wants to know if I can get it back to her sooner than the agreed-upon date of Oct. 22nd. Which would be absolutely doable . . . if there weren’t a wedding in the way. As it stands, I’ve sent a very waffly response to the effect of “can I play with it for a week and give you an estimate then?” variety.

We’ll see what I can pull off, here.

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  1. sapphohestia

    Ever think you’d be relieved to get a thin envelope in the mail? Congrats, and best wishes for a speedy editing process.

    Sorry to hear about the Moroccan midget though.

  2. kmousie

    Best of luck! *o/*

  3. squishymeister

    I too am sad about the Moroccan midget, but not as sad as Bryan Steele probably…

    Grats on easy repairs! Didn’t you finish this novel early too? Are you just totally kicking butt or what??? 😀

  4. unforth

    As to getting stuff done sooner…can ya tell her that, you know, you’re getting married and need the time?

    • Marie Brennan

      Oh, she knows. But on her side of the argument is the necessity of arranging for copy-edits, typesetting, page-proofing, and the printing of ARCs, all within a production schedule that incorporates a lot of other books.

  5. kendokamel


    As for the time issue, I agree with . Surely, “I’m getting married,” is the ultimate excuse. (;

  6. kitsunealyc

    No Morroccan midgets? Man, I’ve never been so misled by a cover in my life!!

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