an update to the egotism

Like a proper ego-stroking writer, I just went through the list of nominees (pdf) for the Hugo awards, as they have released not just the short lists of actual candidates, but all the names that were proposed. Turns out I got four nominations for the Campbell. Which isn’t a lot, and nowhere near enough to put me in the running (the lowest person on the short list got 24, the highest [Naomi Novik] got 81) — but still, it’s nice to know. If you’re one of the four, then thank you.

Kudos to everybody who got a nod.

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  1. sora_blue

    September’s newsletter

    Thank you for sharing your essay “We All Use Language, But…”

    I have been trying to express this idea, but fell short of an analogy that could accurately explain what I was thinking. I found it in your comparison to painting and piano-playing.

    Wonderful words.

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: September’s newsletter

      Glad you liked it. That analogy occurred to me out of nowhere one day, and was kind of like the proverbial light-bulb going on.

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