I’ve been silent lately, haven’t I? The only two posts I’ve made in the last eleven days have been Lymond book-blogging, hence not public.

I promise, I’ll surface again soon. With all kinds of fascinating updates about teaching and wedding prep and all that good stuff. No, really I will.

But before that happens, I will Finish This Revision.

No, really I will. (Because it’s due in to Madame Editor real soon now.)

Back to the grind. I have some thoughts about revision, and what I have learned about it in the last eight years, but those can wait. Like just about everything else.

But hey — I have a new monitor stand. Remains to be seen whether I like it — god, my monitor seems high — but it’s worth trying out, at least. And it provides me with small shelves beneath said monitor, which is nice.

I said “back to the grind” a paragraph or two ago, didn’t I? <sigh> Here we go.

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  1. eclectician

    OK, I’ve finished book IV. Book V is on the left coast with a friend of Lis’. Can I please pretty please get on the filter?

    • Marie Brennan

      Not until you finish the whole series. Trust me, I have good reasons, which you will understand when you see some of the discussions we’ve had already.

      But I’ll happily geek with you in private, if you desire. ^_^

  2. d_c_m

    Here we go.
    God/Dess speed, Swan. 🙂

  3. novalis

    Yay, revision! I’m excited to read MNC — but my fiance’s 12-year-old brother asks me to pass on that he’s looking forward to more books in the Doppelganger series.

    • Marie Brennan

      Has he read Warrior and Witch yet?

      If so, then, um, oops. 🙂 There aren’t any current plans for more.

      • novalis

        Yep, he has. He’ll be very disappointed to learn that no more are planned. Life is tough when you’re 12 years old. Hehe.

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