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  1. mrissa

    Go, not-a-twin!

  2. khet_tcheba

    Congratulations! Gold star for you!

  3. rhonawestbrook


    I can’t wait to read it!

  4. ombriel

    Awesome! Congratulations!

  5. gollumgollum

    Woooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!1 This calls for celebration. *grin*

    • Marie Brennan

      Indeed. Expensive dinner last night, intentions to lounge around the pool this afternoon, The Bourne Ultimatum tomorrow, Knightridge party on Saturday. I will be well-supplied with celebration. 🙂

  6. kmousie



    You are so totally made of awesome, and we can’t wait to read it!

  7. squishymeister

    Congrats! Time to get yer brain back into this century again?

  8. d_c_m

    Yes!!! Way hooo!!!! That is GREAT!!!!! YAY!!!!! *does happy shimmy*

  9. ratmmjess


  10. kitsunealyc

    …and she still has time to maintain an active social life.

    Congratulations! Strangely, I dreamed about this during my nap today.

  11. sivvyswraith

    Mazel tov, my dear! I can’t wait to read it. : D

    • mastergode

      You know, at this point, I have a question for you: Did it turn out the way you thought it would? How different is it from the idea that you started with?

      • Marie Brennan

        Hmmm. That’s an odd question. Due to the origins of this novel (the game I’ve mentioned before), I had a much clearer idea than I usually do how it was all going to end. Mind you, since 112K of words is a lot more story than 3 weekday-evening gaming sessions, the book is a lot more, and there ended up being stuff in the finale that I didn’t have in mind when I originally started. The frame of it, though, remained more or less what I expected it to be.

        But my usual mode more often involves thinking up the ending when I’m halfway through the book — or even further — so this is not normal for me.

  12. pameladean



  13. eclectician

    Congratulations on novel!

  14. thucyken

    Many congratulations!

  15. clodfobble

    And in plenty of time for the trip, too. Go you!

    Remind us when it is (roughly) scheduled to be released? I need to make room on my calendar, you know. 🙂

  16. kernezelda

    Congratulations! It’s been very enjoyable watching your progress.

  17. selenya

    Holy shnit.


  18. ninja_turbo


    Congrats. 🙂

  19. rj_anderson

    Hooray! Well done!

  20. danielmc

    early done = early release?

    and all rounding Huzzah!

    you needs some ice cream, or the equivilent joy for you!!!

    • Marie Brennan

      hah. NO.

      Release dates depend on way more factors than just when I finish my manuscript: openings in the production schedule for copy-editing, typesetting, and priting; timing with other books on my publisher’s list and competing books on other publishers’ lists, and also with the season; etc. But the early finish means I’ll have plenty of time to revise it before sending it to my editor, which is a good thing all around.

  21. unforth

    Congratulations!!! 🙂

  22. brigidsblest

    Yay! Congratulations!

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