This post will get buried in the deluge of Pottermania tomorrow, but I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t put it up soon.

Folks, I’m getting married.

That’s been true for a year and five months now, but at last, two months before the wedding, I have the traditional proof. Ain’t it pretty? ^_^

The central stone is courtesy of Apollo Diamond, a company run by family friends of kniedzw, my soon-to-be better half. Djimon Hounsou’s son was not harmed in the making of this engagement ring.

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  1. dsgood


  2. kendokamel


    It’s just lovely! (:

  3. ckd


  4. mastergode

    Sweet! Congratulations!

    My girlfriend and I have talked about marriage, but we want to have officially lived together for awhile before getting engaged.

    But that’s a very pretty ring, and I hope that it serves you well in the years to come. =)

  5. difrancis

    Beautiful! Congratulations!


  6. anghara

    That is a perfectly lovely ring! And congratulations on what it symbolises!

  7. gollumgollum

    Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. <grin>

  8. pameladean

    Oh, how lovely. And congratulations. I’ve been married for 24 years. I do recommend it highly.


  9. wojelah

    Congratulations! (Belatedly.) That’s lovely.

  10. nonnycat


    Congratulations. 🙂

  11. kmousie

    The ring is breathtakingly lovely. My renewed best wishes!

  12. gryphart

    That has to be one of the prettiest wedding rings I’ve seen in a long time. Gorgeous.

  13. aliettedb

    Congrats! That’s a very pretty ring.

  14. mrissa

    Oooh shiiiiiiny.

    When I got engaged, all of my women friends grabbed to see the ring, and none of my men friends did. So when I told my (very male physics professor) college advisor, I was extremely surprised that he immediately grabbed at my hand. “Oh, yah,” he said, “that’s a good sturdy setting. Won’t snap off when you’re down in the machine shop. Good! Congratulations!”

  15. princess706


    It’s beautiful and SOOOO Sparkly! 🙂
    Enough to make this dragga drool.

    Good for both of you!

  16. cassandra1967

    I like the setting.

  17. wishwords

    That’s lovely! I like the side stone arrangement especially.

  18. jimhines

    Ooh – very nice. Very sparkly 🙂


  19. wadam

    very nice! congratulations all over again.

  20. sartorias

    Hurray! and a beautiful, beautiful ring!

  21. eclectician

    Shiny! Congratulations again, and here’s to the other ring!

  22. intertext

    Congratulations! And what a lovely ring!

  23. mdhenry

    Ooooooo. It sparkles. Congratulations.

  24. moonandserpent

    Way to go for all sorts of reasons!

    A) Finally!

    B) Yay, not harming Djimon Hounsou’s son! Boo Debeers!

  25. juliannef

    Yea!!! Congratulations!

    Oooo, love the ring.

  26. lowellboyslash

    Congrats again indeed! It’s lovely!

  27. matociquala

    Congrats on succumbing to the dominant paradigm!

  28. kzee

    Congrats on the ring and engagement. And good luck with the wedding plans.

  29. strangerian

    Felicitations on getting married, and having the ring. The design is very similar to my mother’s engagement ring, which of course I consider *the* way rings should look, but newer and shinier. Must be a classic style if it’s still good after nearly 60 years. Here’s to you still wearing yours after 60 years, too!

  30. calico_reaction

    Oooh, pretty! Congrats! 🙂

  31. d_aulnoy

    Ooooooh, shiny! It’s absolutely beautiful. Being the huge jewelry geek that I am, expect quizzing on Apollo next time I see you IRL – wildly curious.

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