World Fantasy?

If anybody knows someone who is going to World Fantasy in the fall and needs someone to share a room with, please let me know; I’m having a remarkable amount of trouble finding roommates.

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  1. mastergode

    Wish I were going, but I already made plans to attend a con that weekend. I’ll almost certainly go next year, though. 😉

  2. hhertzof

    Why didn’t I realize that it was in driving distance this year?

    I need to do a little creative accounting to see if I can swing it, but I might be interested.

  3. kendokamel

    If only I didn’t have a conference, that weekend. /:

  4. zellandyne

    Sim and I would be interested. We just decided we were going, and haven’t looked into the room situation yet.

    • Marie Brennan

      Fabulous! I’d much rather be in a room with two people I know than trying to squeeze into a room of potential strangers. (I promise I’m an inoffensive roommate; so far as I know, I don’t even snore.)

      • zellandyne

        Neither of us snores, either, and we always travel with plenty of earplugs for all, just in case 🙂

        I see that the main and secondary hotels are sold out, but new hotels have been added. Should I attempt to reserve a room at one of those?

        • Marie Brennan

          Please do. I was afraid that would happen, but I didn’t want to reserve a room without having even a faint lead on someone to share it with.

  5. katfeete

    If your other offer falls through, my husband () and I are looking for roomies also. We’re in the secondary hotel and are nice quiet folk….

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