an update on the labors of Hercules

The inbox for my personal e-mail account is down to 11 messages.

The inbox for my writing e-mail is down to 10.

We’ll continue, for the moment, to pretend my academic e-mail account doesn’t exist.

It’s progress. But I think I’ve made as much progress as I can stomach for today. Having done the work of the virtuous, now I’m going to go let my brain die for a while.

0 Responses to “an update on the labors of Hercules”

  1. juliannef

    Well done. *Pats Swan Tower on the back.*

    By the way, the kitty in your avatar is soooo adorable!


    • Marie Brennan

      Angry Kitten is not cute! Angry Kitten is angry! Angry Kitten will claw your face off!

      . . . yeah, I couldn’t resist the cuteness.

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