edit help?

A kind reader just gave me a heads-up about an error on Wikipedia. (I know, shock, gasp, etc.) It seems that some helpful soul decided to add a link to the page on Doppelganger. Unfortunately, the link in question leads to the page for Moya Brennan, aka Máire Brennan, the lead singer of Clannad.

If any of you are or know someone with the capacity to fix this, could you? ‘Cause as neat as it would be to be an Irish singer, I’m not, and I can’t seem to edit the opening paragraph of the article to remove the link, nor do I know how to stop the redirect from assuming I’m Máire instead of Marie.

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  1. garunya

    I have removed the link. I also removed the redirect on the “Marie Brennan” page (which is otherwise blank), but I don’t know if that will last or not.

  2. mojave_wolf

    Ouch. I’m not responsible for the Wikipedia entry, but for some bizarre reason I thought your name was Maire, and reviewed Doppleganger in my l.j. as being by Maire Brennan a while back. Possibly this is because I truly loved Macalla, and her name was in my subconscious and redid my vision every time I looked at the book cover?

    ::goes to change this now, even tho tis more than a month late::

    I’m sorry. ::feels bad::

    • Marie Brennan

      <lol> It’s okay. (Though the record should state that I decided to publish under that name a couple of years before I ever heard and fell in love with Clannad.)

      • mindstalk

        Hey, didn’t know you liked Clannad. I discovered them in college, and got to sample all their albums of the time. I found that I preferred the earlier ones, full of traditional tunes and Gaelic lyrics, to the later albums which had more of their own rock-style tunes and lyrics.

  3. dr_whom

    ‘s removal of the redirect was undone because it was perceived merely as blanking of a page, which is in general considered vandalism (although in this case, exceptionally, it was a positive contribution). I replaced the redirect with the beginnings of an actual article, so that shouldn’t happen again.

  4. calico_reaction

    Hee hee…that’s how I originally found your website, looking up that singer. 🙂 Then I read the excerpt for your first book and got hooked!

  5. clodfobble

    As a random aside, in browsing through the main Doppelganger page I noticed a whole lot of grammatical issues. I mean this sentence

    “It chronicles adventures by Miryo, a witch and Mirage, Miryo’s doppelgänger on their world and how they plan to overcome a tradition practiced for so many centuries and which our protagonists are trying to find another way.”

    doesn’t even sound like it was written by a fluent English-speaker. I don’t have time to edit the article at the moment, but I thought I’d give you a heads up in case someone else out there wants to take care of it. Call me crazy, but I figure a page about a writer ought to be at least written intelligibly. 🙂

    • mindstalk

      I did a bit of fixup of obvious errors, but I suspect it could use a major re-write. Back to bed for me.

    • Marie Brennan

      <g> I never actually read the page that closely; I’m not yet to the point where seeing my own work discussed in that fashion has stopped seeming weird.

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