Sometimes, to write 1082 words, one must first delete 363.

That revelation just wasn’t working there. It was one too many. From my perspective, there’s now a glaring question of why certain characters didn’t bring up a certain topic at a certain time, but hopefully I can distract readers from that temporary omission with some flourishes on a different front. The information will show up later; just not now.

It sucks that my net progress for the day is less than 1K, though. I know it happens sometimes, but it still sucks. (Especially when I deleted two hundred and change a week or so ago.) Things like this make my end-of-month goal just a little bit harder to achieve.

Edit: Oh, hell. I really am a bloody-minded OCD Virgo fanatic. 412 more puts me at 1494 for the night, and 1131 net.

And since I’m adding that, I might as well add these.

Authorial sadism: giving somebody a ride in the sixteenth century means sharing a saddle with them. i.e. getting very cozy.

LBR quota: it’s always more fun when the pain is caused by love.

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