I can’t decide which Herculean labor is the right metaphor for the battle I’ve been waging for several days now, against the backlog in all of my major e-mail accounts.

Candidate A: Cerberus. There are three accounts, after all, so it’s kind of like dealing with a three-headed monster.

Candidate B: the Hydra. Because every time I think I’ve made progress toward defeating one of the accounts, it sprouts new heads/new e-mails to attack me again.

Candidate C: the Augean Stables. Shoveling endless mounds of shit, and feeling like I’ll never be done.

This post brought to you by the forty or so e-mails I dealt with yesterday, and the fact that today’s schedule has prevented me from dealing with any more, which just ensures that tomorrow’s battle will be harder.

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  1. lediva

    No insult meant to you or the individuals who E-mail you, but I have to vote C.

  2. diatryma

    C, because the only way to fix it involves destroying it to some extent. Too bad you can’t divert a river through the accounts– or can you? Mass delete and request for resend?

      • diatryma

        Hey, it’s not my emails that are holding you up. If I tempt you, you don’t have to do that, and you can either cause more book to happen or cause more blog to happen. Either way, I win.

        • Marie Brennan

          <lol> Or more sleep to happen — but maybe that’s the last thing I need, given the discussion on the other post. (Yes, I really am trying to figure out where in my schedule I can afford to stay up all night. Not for the next few days, alas.)

  3. claripup

    Get someone else to sort through them for you? then they can just flag the important ones for you to look at… or are they all important?

  4. nicolineetuh

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