I read what looked like pretty official confirmation the other day, that they’ve started filming another Indiana Jones movie.

On the one hand: yay! More Indiana Jones is generally a good thing. (I say “generally” because of Temple of Doom.) They’ve been talking about doing this for literally over a decade, and it’s kind of impressive to see it finally become reality.

On the other hand: they’ve made changes.

I had heard a rumour some time ago that they were going to deal with Harrison Ford being older by moving the series forward a decade or two. According to what I read, this is true; the movie will take place in the 1950s. And I’m not sure what I think of that.

Maybe my knowledge of pulp is limited, but to my mind, the 1950s is not the classic pulp adventure era. Also, no more Nazis; will it be communists instead? How will that change the flavor of the movie? (Especially since these days we tend to look on communists with pity rather than fear.) And then a more nit-picky detail, but one that will bug me: while archaeology in the 1930s was not like it is in the movies, archaeology in the 1950s is even less like that. I mean, Christ, by then you’ve got Binford on the horizon. The “grab the gold statue and run” era is more nineteenth century than twentieth, anyway, but by the 50’s you’re about to hit the era of “archaeology is a science, dammit,” complete with charts and graphs and equations to prove it.

In other words, there are issues of logic and colonialism and politics and so on to consider that I can generally let go of in the pulp genre — but moving the setting to the 1950’s may make that harder for me to do.

It may be great. I’d be thrilled if it is. But I am a little leery. Anybody have more information on the production?

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  1. diatryma

    Indiana Jones requires Nazis. I imprinted on Last Crusade, so my Indy has Nazis and God in liberal amounts. I never saw the second except for the end, which was quite enough. I do not care about radioactive potatoes, thank you.
    A good deal of the appeal of Indiana Jones is the thirtiesness of it– the fifties just aren’t the same. Fashions are different. Planes are different. I can’t see the fifties with it being some sort of dystopia, and by then you have better communications and it’s the freaking fifties. The Mummy capitalized on the thirtiesness, however twisted, and that worked.
    If they give him a kid, some plucky eleven-year-old with crooked braids, I will be pissed.

  2. moonandserpent

    The website has video and stills from the shooting updated almost daily for the bast few weeks.

  3. houseboatonstyx

    by the 50’s you’re about to hit the era of “archaeology is a science, dammit,” complete with charts and graphs and equations to prove it.

    And I’m visualizing Indy tearing his way through them (literally, yes, literally). Maybe he gets the Lost Ark out of the government storage.

    I just hope they don’t do like the Star Trek movies, making the whole thing ABOUT the characters now being too old. Depending on how not-too-old Ford can be made to look, maybe he got a shot of potion of youth at some point (as Tarzan did for the later books/movies).

    As for the 1950s, I think it could be made sufficiently period to pass for pulp. For one thing, it could happen outside the US, in some country that in the 50s didn’t look like the 50s we remember. And/or it could use 30s things that were still around in the 50s, that we’ve mercifully forgotten. I’d just love to see it produced by the people who did the “Young Indiana Jones” tv series.

    As for Nazis, weren’t they still around in the 50s tabloids, alive and living in Argentina plotting a comeback, or running some hideaway country of their own? Maybe there was a secret passage between Hitler’s bunker and the cave of the Grail…. And Gollum caught the Nazi girl as she fell….

    • Marie Brennan

      True, you can bring in conspiracy-theory Nazis. And it can be made somewhat pulpy, I suppose. I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, that they might pull it off — but I am a bit nervous.

    • diatryma

      I don’t like conspiracy Nazis. Those are the wrong Nazis.

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