poll time, but not mine

I thought about reposting this poll here on my own journal, since I know people are less likely to click through a link to take a poll elsewhere, but then I’d have to do the work to collate my data with Mindy’s. So instead I will ask all of you to take a minute or so and go fill out Mindy Klasky’s poll about book promotion, and which kinds of things have induced you to buy a book. She put it up because a group of us author-types are discussing how to promote books effectively, so the data will benefit a large number of people, myself included.

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    • tooth_and_claw


      To be absolutely honest, the thing that will beyond a doubt catch my eye and make me want to pick a book the very most is an original, artistically interesting and beautiful cover. I’m visual; good at catches my eye, and even if I can’t buy the book right them, it will stay with me, because I remember the image.

      But I’m shallow like that.

      • Marie Brennan

        I think the Received Wisdom is that good cover art can get somebody to pick up a book, but that the decision to buy will generally be influenced by something else (like the cover copy or name recognition of the author). So it matters, but it isn’t usually the thing that matters the most.

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