since we’re all re-reading Harry Potter anyway . . . .

Whether you’re a fanfic kind of person or not, you’ll probably be amused by this series of posts: “Eight Things That Severus Snape Isn’t”. The list is up to seven, with the eighth due tomorrow morning, but since I believe there’s a local meet-and-chat-about-Harry-Potter-books meeting tonight, it seemed an appropriate time to post it. (Fair warning: you probably shouldn’t click the link if you haven’t read the books, since there are some vague kind of sort of spoilers.)

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  1. nconstruct

    where oh where do you find these…

  2. geet_jain

    hey that is really a great thing that you would be having a meeting on Harry Potter Series, that is really fabulous and you will have lot of fun.Actually these type of Discussions on Harry Potter Books will Picturize the completely the movie.Good one.

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