Lymond reminder

Lymond book-blogging begins soon, probably tomorrow. (If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, see this explanation. If you want to be added and haven’t told me so, drop me a line here. But remember that you do have to have read all the books, unless you want the entire series spoiled from the first post on.)

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  1. sartorias

    Is it okay if I post a link for possible interested people?

  2. pameladean

    I just friended you, and I’d love to be added.

    I’ve read the whole series more times than I can actually recall. Eeek.


    • Marie Brennan

      Eeee! Pardon me while I collapse in a fit of unexpected fangirling, since “I’ve read it more times than I can actually recall” applies to Tam Lin for me.

      Okay, now that I’m on my feet again, I’ll go add you to the filter. (I’m keeping the posts locked so as not to put spoilers where the unsuspecting can get at them.)

      • pameladean

        I’m sorry, I guess I should have cleared my throat first.

        That’s my favorite kind of book, so it’s the kind that I try to write. And I’m mortally certain that Dunnett had an effect on TAM LIN. The timing is right.



        • Marie Brennan

          At least you were kind enough not to subject your readers to dialogue in half a dozen languages; it drove me crazy, when I couldn’t tell what Lymond was saying. (I have the companion books for Dunnett now, and will be referring to them throughout.)

  3. fajrdrako

    I’m coming on board for a Lymond discussion, and pleased that you’re doing it. “Lymond is back…” Excellent!

  4. intertext

    Hello! I’ve just signed on (and friended you) – love the series, LOVE it – and may take this opportunity to re-read the Whoooole thing. Can’t wait for the discussion, though.

  5. gwyneira

    I’ve been wanting to reread them myself, so I’d love to be added.

  6. rj_anderson

    Oh, please add me!

  7. kangaroo_court

    Sent over here by Sartorias. Please add me! I’d do a reread along with you, except all of my books but Checkmate are 1000 miles away right now, alas. Looking forward to the discussion, though!

    • Marie Brennan

      Awwww, boo on far-distant books. Well, this will probably take a while, so perhaps you’ll have a reunion with your books before we get too far!

  8. alethea_eastrid

    Friended you, and would love to be in on this.

    I’ve been…well, at this point, I think the proper verb form is “I was” listening my way through the audiobooks. Damned hard to get hold of over here, says the girl who gets audiobooks from libraries and Audible! (as a fourth re-read, mind you!) Perhaps this will inspire me to pick up the books again, as they’ve been carted through my last three moves as on the re-read-this-soon list.

    • Marie Brennan

      So you’ve gotten through the whole series? (I just want to be sure, lest my very first post spoil some very important things.)

      I didn’t know there were audiobooks available. That’s interesting.

      • alethea_eastrid

        Read the whole series, in book form…er, two or three times. Well, maybe four. I think I’ve been carting them arond for three years trying to get around to re-read five…but it might be six.

        The audiobooks are a stone bastard to get alhold of (in the US) unless one is simply willing to send frightening amounts of money (given exchange rates + number of books) to one or another merchent in the UK. The narrator for Game of Kings is also…er, let us say “challenged” when it comes to getting his voice higher then a farily gravelly baritone. Lymond as a fairly gravelly baritone is…vastly annoying. The women range from bad (Sybilla) to unspeakabley ear-crawling awful (Mary Queen of Scots…) The next two books had a (two?) different narrator(s) and were much better. That was where I stopped being able to get ahold of them. One of the downloadable book services that markets to libraries has the full series avaiable, if the library subscribes to the correct pacakage, which none of the libraries I subscribe to do.

        (Most if not all of the Niccolo books are avaiable as well. Sigh. Sometime when I can sink somewhere around $1000 into audiobooks, I’m going to binge…)

        • Marie Brennan

          They’re so hard to get ahold of in the US, I didn’t know they existed. (I checked, because my fiance drives an hour to and from work, and listens to a lot of audiobooks.) Given the description you give, though, I find myself thinking I’ll just wait until they do new versions — which they very well might, given the booming market for audiobooks.

          Anyway, you’re added to the filter now, so you should be able to see the locked posts I’ve done already.

  9. hhertzof

    Oddly enough I was just thinking yesterday I was due for a reread and then ‘s link showed up in a friendslist.

    I’d love to be added.

  10. breathingbooks

    I’m here via Sartorias. I shall mostly lurk in splendid lurker-dom, but I’d love to be able to read the Lymond discussions. I’ve read all 6, though admittedly I skimmed at times (one cannot wait for the resolution of romance).

    • Marie Brennan

      Added, and be welcome!

      (Me, I suffered delightfully through all the delaying of that resolution. There’s a certain masochistic pleasure in it.)

  11. wordweaver

    I’m another one who came here via . I just recently re-read the Lymond Chronicles, and although, alas, I left the books at home, I would love to join in any discussion of the books you have here.

    • Marie Brennan

      With them that fresh in your memory, you probably don’t need the books on hand to follow along — though of course it’s always nice to have them.

      Anyway, welcome; there are two posts up already, one laying out what I’m doing, the other starting TGoK.

  12. strangerian

    Another dropper-in via . May I join the discussion? Have read all the Lymond books long since, and would love to talk about them. I was lucky enough to catch them in 1975 or so, when Checkmate had come out in paperback and the whole series was reprinted with it. I still have the grandly tacky romance-novel-covers set. It would be wonderful to have a excuse to re-read them.

    • Marie Brennan

      Oh, god, I think you have the same covers my friend suffered from. I’m taking my page numbers from the nice Vintage reprints, but you can still probably follow along just fine.

      (Which is to say, yes, you’re more than welcome to join, and I’ve added you to the filter.)

  13. mdevnich

    Hi– would you let a complete stranger participate? I’m not sure how I got here– I was following links for Wiscon reports and saw this. Anyway, I’ve read the series twice & would love to join in on the re-read. The most frustrating thing about the series is that they’re impossible to discuss with people who haven’t read them already. Practically everything is a spoiler!

    • Marie Brennan

      I’ve already got a dozen strangers having a hoe-down in the locked posts; I’d hardly object to one more. ^_^ Just click on the “lymond” tag, and you should be able to see those posts now.

  14. elianarus

    I’d like to join as well!
    It’s been almost a year since my last re-read and I was considering going back through again.



  15. neverwood

    I hope I am not too late to the party, but I would love to be added. I read all six books about three years ago, during one frenzied, sleepless, exhilarating week. I have gone through several re-readings, and epiphanies, and I am positively giddy to see how many people had similar experiences and want to talk about these books.(I should add that there is nothing in my journal right now, and I am not sure if I have anything to add to the conversation, aside from sheer fangirly joy.)

    • Marie Brennan

      I read all six books about three years ago, during one frenzied, sleepless, exhilarating week.

      <head explodes> I think that would kill me.

      You are not too late; just check the Lymond tag for the posts I’ve done so far, or hop in on future ones. (Fangirling is entirely permitted, don’t worry.)

  16. nbardsley

    Another interested party here.

    • Marie Brennan

      Sorry for not adding you sooner; the novel I’m writing ate my head, and I fell off the Lymond book-blogging for a month or so. But I’m back up again with a new post, and I’ve added you to the filter.

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