morning linkery

Given the amount of attention I attracted with my recent posts on fanfiction, I suspect that a larger-than-previous number of you would be interested in this article by Cory Doctorow, “In Praise of Fanfic”, posted on the Locus Magazine website.

For those of you not aware, Locus is the industry magazine for sf/f professionals, and Cory Doctorow is a leading light among pixel-stained technopeasant wretches, having released his first novel electronically, under a Creative Commons license. So this isn’t just an article saying “hey, stop spitting on fanfic;” it’s an article by a major proponent of liberalizing copyright, printed in a well-respected industry periodical. Which ought to put a smile on a few faces.

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  1. mastergode

    Yeah, that article was published in the May issue, of ICFA picture fame. 😉

    I was… amused.

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