helpful people

Moving has been eating very nearly my every waking minute for over a week now (packing, transporting, unpacking, organizing), but I thought I’d take a moment to post about my upcoming trip, and how incredibly helpful people are being. Once I’m home again and have a complete list, I’m going to post something on my website naming off every individual who has assisted me in planning the research aspects of my trip: both the ones who will be giving me personal tours of sites I’m visiting, and the ones who have helped coordinate those tours. At this point, I’ve got assistance lined up for when I go to the Tower of London, Hampton Court Palace, Hardwick Hall, and the New Globe Theatre’s archives. These people have very busy work schedules, I know, and so I’m deeply grateful for the time they’re taking on my behalf.

Regular service of novel-related posts will resume in the not-too-distant future. After I get myself entirely out of the old house, and remember that oh yeah, I have a novel to write.

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  1. cassandra1967

    No we have never met and I will definitely read your books for reading is a passion of mine. May I add you to my friends list?

    • Marie Brennan

      Absolutely! I have no objection to being friended, though (as I think I mention in my profile) I’m forced to be extremely limited about how many people I friend back. So anyway, welcome!

      • cassandra1967


        I agree totally. I am very limited to whom I friend because this is not a popularity contest for me. When I friend someone it means that I read their journal and are interested.

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