The universe is laughing at me.

Just when I thought I had escaped the Great Button-Sewing Extravaganza that was my life a month ago . . . .

Yeah, that’s right. I spent tonight sewing on fourteen more &(*#@$!!! buttons.

On the bright side, the second Morwen dress has sleeves again. And on that note, I’ll see ya’ll at the Renfest tomorrow.

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  1. mrissa

    At least you sewed them and the original set on yourself so they will stay on. My cute new skirt has eight buttons total, and I have already had to re-sew four of them. I’ve worn it three times. Only one of those buttons came off in the wash — the rest were while I was wearing it in public. Not acceptable construction.

  2. d_c_m

    You looked fabulous, BTW.

  3. sapphohestia

    Yay sewing!


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