I would adore this weather, were it not for three things: 1) the hail may have damaged my car, 2) the hail nearly damaged me, and 3) tomorrow the temperature is dropping straight into the pits of hell.

Norse hell. The frozen one. (Because hell, apparently, is like home.)

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  1. kendokamel

    I’m with you on 1 and 2, but 3… perhaps I did originate in the depths of frozen hell, because I’m gleefully anticipating the cooler temps. (;

  2. anghara

    All I can say to that is… my LILACS have freaking BUDDED, one of them for the first time in the three years since it was planted, and it SNOWED yesterday. I was not amused in the least.

    I like winter, don’t get me wrong. I glory in the snow when it comes in January or February. But – it – is – APRIL. ENough already.

  3. d_c_m

    Norse hell. The frozen one. (Because hell, apparently, is like home.)

    Ghee!! Frozen Norse Hel. Oh yeah baby!!!! I’ve always thought of myself as a not so in the closet Norwegian btw. 🙂

  4. kmousie

    *sends blankets, cocoa, and a hard hat*

    I must say I don’t miss that. Stay safe!

  5. mrissa

    Of course hell is like home. Try convincing us: “You’ll be warm all the time! It’ll be awful!” “Oh, yeah, sounds terrible, hold me back, dude.” “No, I mean it! It’s too hot!” “Oooooh, I have circulation in my toooooes, how scaaaary! I’ll have to be sure not to sin now!” “Come on you guys! Cut it out! I really mean it!”

    • Marie Brennan

      Or the flip side of it, Christian hell (which I suspect, though I haven’t confirmed, is much like Jewish and Muslim hell): “Eternal ice awaits you!” “Sweet. My drinks will be cool for once.” “No, really, it’s terrible. Cold. All the time.” “Oh horror — you mean I’ll never sweat again?” “You’ll get FROSTBITE!” “What’s that?”

  6. mastergode

    There’s no place… like… home…?

  7. danielmc

    i missed the hail, and i have yet to go look at my car.
    …wary, i am.

  8. tooth_and_claw

    On 3 . . . *dies* Why? WHHHYYY? It was so new! So beautiful!

  9. fallenrose

    There was hail?
    Stupid temperature drop. *grumble*
    I love snow. But I want to PLANT things now. I saw SO many beautiful blooming flowers today and in a day or two they will all be dead.
    Stupid weather.

  10. diatryma

    I looked outside last night when the pounding rain turned to tacktacktack hail on the roof, but I couldn’t tell if it was actually hailing. I think my car’s all right. Everyone in Iowa City is nervous about another tornado this time of year.

  11. squishymeister

    I watched the whole storm from a tredmill. I must say I was glad I parked in the garage once the hail started pelting down.
    I think I’m finally getting over my irrational fear of T-storms, but I still don’t like driving in them.

    • kurayami_hime

      Thunderstorms are awesome and the number one thing I miss from the Great Plains. Stupid sissy California rain.

      Driving in them does suck though.

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