the awesomeness of friends

I have several things I’ve been meaning to post about, and lucky me, they share a theme: how awesome my friends are.

Let’s take them in chronological order, shall we?

First up: khet_tcheba. Some time ago, she created the mask you can see in my LARPing icon, plus a mask for kniedzw, because I wanted something very particular for the White Court game and suspected she would have the costuming-fu to create it for me (and then my boy jumped on the bandwagon, too). The results were spectacular. So, like a bad person, I e-mail her a month or so ago and ask whether she can make me a fore-and-aft bicorn for the Regency LARP, ’cause the only ones I can find for sale online cost several hundred dollars (I can only assume they’re vintage pieces, not replicas). The photo of me from the game doesn’t show it all that well, but keep an eye out for an upcoming post with links to other people’s pics and you’ll get a better idea. (The thing is freaking ridiculous, but the fault for that lies with history, not Khet.) So the Swan Tower Millinery Award goes to her, for adventures in felting.

Second: tooth_and_claw. Back when I was running Memento, she made a number of awesome sketches for the game, and I commissioned from her a portrait of Invidiana. I ended up getting two: a headshot and a full-length portrait. So if you want to have an idea of what the fae queen in Midnight Never Come looks like, there you go. (I’m hoping she’ll end up on the cover, but I have next to no control over that; all I can do is suggest it to my editor.) The Swan Tower Illustration Award goes to her — as if she hadn’t already earned it with the Memento cast painting.

Third: unforth. I have a hardcover copy of Doppelganger! Y’see, she’s a librarian, and she knows how to bind books. A while back she mentioned that she was looking for suggested rebinding projects. Until she delivered it into my hands, I had no idea she’d decided to make her first project a hardcover rebinding of my very own novel, complete with a wrap-around paper cover replicating the front, spine, and back of the original. Unless there’s somebody else out there with her skills and deranged enthusiasm, this will probably be the only hardcover edition there ever is — certainly the only hardcover of the first edition. For her, the Swan Tower Bookbinding Award.

So there you have it: I have awesome friends. Seriously, you all (not just those three) have a stunning array of knowledges and skills, and if I occasionally get depressed that there are a million and one things I’ll never learn to do, I cheer up when I remember that I might know people who do. Keep up the random hobbies, folks; they make me proud to know you.

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  1. unforth

    I’d like to thank the Academy, for choosing me for this award, and I’d also like to thank everyone I have ever met: John, Marsha, Stewart, Uncle Edward, cousin Mitch, Elizabeth, lil’ Whit, Alex, Father Tom, Mr. Bunting………

    I’m really glad you like it. 🙂 I had fun making it. 😉 Though I don’t know I feel about being credited with “deranged enthusiasm.” Actually…yeah I do, I think I rather like it. 😉

    • Marie Brennan

      I figure most of my friends wouldn’t really be able to deny the quality of “deranged enthusiasm” for their hobbies of choice, nor would they really want to. I mean, we kind of take a twisted pride in it, ne? (Says the girl who made a nineteenth-century naval uniform she’ll probably only ever wear once.)

      • unforth

        I wouldn’t have any idea what you mean about costuming. I’d NEVER do something crazy like make an (almost) full junihitoe for a one shot, definitely not.

        Though in defense of the bookbinding, that’s no hobby – I want to make a career out of that nonsense, that’s what the school in Boston is for. 😉

  2. sapphohestia

    I’ve got a hat icon coming up soon!

    • Marie Brennan

      Yup. It’s been a minor flood of these things lately, which is why I finally got around to saying something I’ve been thinking for a long time.

  3. tooth_and_claw

    Glad you like, once again. *grins*

  4. khet_tcheba

    I’m so glad it worked out! Costuming always seems to involve passing off hastily-assembled prototypes as final products, and I’m always worrying over how I could have done X or Y so much better had I done/used such-and-such instead.

    Of course, if you find yourself in need of (God forbid) a SECOND fore-and-aft bicorne at some point in the future, I’m pretty sure I could do a MUCH better job of hooking you up now that I have the proper hat block and I’ve played with the process a bit. 😀 Though if I take up hand-felting in my spare time, someone please shoot me

    A hardcover of Doppelganger?!? You should post pictures of that, too. That is AWESOME.

    • Marie Brennan

      Costuming always seems to involve passing off hastily-assembled prototypes as final products

      And how.

      I doubt I’ll need another bicorn, but hey, I can always challenge you with a different type of hat. ^_^

    • unforth

      I’ve actually considered doing handfelting, it’s not that hard, especially if you own your own washing machine… 😉

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