Today, I think I shall set aside research for Midnight Never Come (partly because the next thing on my plate is More Than I Ever Wanted to Know About Elizabethan London, Vols. 1 and 2 — oh, wait, misread the title, that would be John Stow’s A Survey of London, Vols. 1 and 2), and let myself loll around with Patrick O’Brian instead. I can only watch Master and Commander so many times in a limited span, and I’ve gone through all the Hornblower movies; since I don’t need to be sewing at the same time anymore, it’s time for a book.

And things like laundry, maybe. But not until later.

I think I need a day just to relax.

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  1. mastergode

    Dude, Hornblower.

    So hot right now.


  2. tselmende

    I love the first title. It gives me a good idea of what the book must be like…but then, it’s good research for you?

    I came here via google, Master and Commander is one of my google alerts, and I wandered around a bit. It’s fun to meet another writer-costumer, and I wonder if there are more of us than I think. 🙂 Are you making a Naval Officer’s jacket? Are you going to post pictures?

    • Marie Brennan

      It is indeed good research. John Stow was a historian in the late Elizabethan period, so while the book dates to about eight years after the time when I’ll probably be setting the novel, it’s going to be chock-full of incredibly good and accurate detail.

      I just finished making pretty much the entirety of a naval lieutenant’s uniform for a live-action role-playing game (it’s set in 1812, and will be a mashup of period genres, one of which is O’Brian/Forester). There will indeed be pictures after tomorrow, which is when the game is happening.

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