Twenty-three down, six to go.

And seven or so hooks and eyes.

And finishing the waistband and cuffs on my pants.

And topstitching the edge of my coat.

And figuring out a collar for my vest.

. . . and probably ironing the whole mess so it looks good.

I’d intended to do my last four coat buttons tonight, but my button-sewing skills went sharply downward all of a sudden, and I decided it was time to stop.

But it’s a good accomplishment for one day. Twenty-three buttons, and seven buttonholes. I have successfully committed buttonhole: it’s a first for me. (The first attempt was during the original Boggan Deathmatch, when moonandserpent‘s velvet vest foiled me utterly. Man, that was a night full of failures for me.)

Sleepytime now. Who wants to bet I dream of buttons?

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  1. nconstruct

    Three to one odds since it’s on your mind. Any takers?

    • Marie Brennan

      Actually, being ill, I slept more or less like the dead; the only thing I remember from my dreams is taking hold of my hand to crack my wrist like I often do, and twisting my hand around 360 degrees while popping it. Which was disturbing.

  2. sapphohestia

    Master of the buttonholes! Congrats. 🙂

  3. thucyken

    I met you at ICFA- I was the tall girl with the square glasses in fanfic studies. (Of course, there’s only one girl with long brown hair and glasses in fanfic studies, so that should serve to instantly identify me! Or not.)
    At any rate, this is a comment to say I have finally gotten around to friending you.

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