I’ve fallen out of the habit of making post-game posts (which is probably a good thing, since these days a large percentage of the people reading this journal aren’t involved in the games, and therefore probably don’t care), but yesterday’s Bloomington Angel Post-Apocalyptic (BAPA) game was fuuuuuuuun.

(Short description of the game in general: Buffyverse, set in Bloomington, demon apocalypse happened about a year ago, we’re some of the few free humans left.)

In the fine tradition of Joss Whedon Buffyverse stuff, this was the Evil Game, the alternate universe in which we were all bad guys instead of good. (Well, most of us, though I didn’t learn that until later.) It was interesting to see the ways that people re-imagined their characters; since there are a lot of people I almost never interact with in that game, in some cases this gave me much more insight into who and what they are normally. In contrast with them, I think my own tack was pretty tame: I was just the Dr. Mengele of enchantresses, a cold-blooded experimenter, more interested in the question of how something could be done, and whether I could do it, than the consequences. (But honestly, I tend to find those people creepier, since they’re a lot more common in real life than the out-and-out psychotics.)

I must confess, though — I suspected that when the game ended, our normal characters were going to remember their evil lives (’cause that’s always more fun, right?) and so I took the opportunity to prod certain things for my character. Like, say, putting her in a position where she wasn’t terrified of Anastasia, though I admit I hadn’t expected to take direct action to bump her off during the game. (Still, it’s the one action Sess isn’t sure she regrets from her time being evil. I mean, there comes a time when you just have to put a bullet between your aunt’s eyes, and for once she had the guts to do it — though not entirely with success, alas.)

It’s sloppy character development to just magically gift a person with something they were lacking before, but to give it to them and then take it away again, so they have to earn it back the right way — now, that can be fun. (I had a spine, really I did; now where did I put it . . . .?)

Though I didn’t except to end up under a curse. That’s going to complicate things a bitsy. (Like they do.)

And I had a chance to put together a fun costume for once in this game. Normally it’s just jeans and a fleece; Sess is such a boring character to dress.

So yay, fun. Yay, evil. (Or not.) I suspect it will be very interesting to see what flavors of trauma the other characters have ended up with — those who didn’t just blow their brains out on the spot. (I’m looking at you, d_c_m.)

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  1. d_c_m

    (I’m looking at you, d_c_m.)

    It was a great game. And cool about your character and her devleopment. That is very very neat and sounds like it will be fun to play.

    And I’m sure Dr. Icky will be around. It’s really tough getting blood out of clothes and carpet ya’know. 😉

  2. fallenrose

    Nobody told me that ‘s character blew her brains out 10 feet from me until AFTER the game, so I kinda missed that.
    My character was pretty frickin’ screwed up. Like I said, she decided to try to cut her hands off, though I don’t think she would have succeeded even if Evan hadn’t been there to stop her. On top of killing people, the porn, and everything else, she’s got the trauma of having part of Cassandra’s memories, traumas, and phobias now…
    And Famine/Evil Anne definitely thought Cecily/Evil Sess was hot, and really only stayed away from her because she was intimidated and knew Cecily had a vamp boyfriend. Anne, of course, is quite freaked out by all this.

    So… the BAPA email list isn’t working? I think some discussion needs to happen IC, but if we don’t have a way to do so… 🙁

    • Marie Brennan

      . . . Famine thought Julian was Cecily’s boyfriend?

      <cracks up>

      Julian was a useful tool against Anastasia. Cecily had promised to try and break the enchantment Anastasia had been placed on him, not out of any actual care for his well-being, but because it provided a useful incentive for him to not talk about any plans Cecily was forming for getting away from/killing Anastasia, and also a way to get his active assistance from time to time. Nothing more. She would have happily tossed him up as a meat shield if Anastasia had come after her, except that it probably wouldn’t have done any good.

      Mind you, now Sess can’t stand to be in the same room as Julian, thanks to what went on during and after the evil stuff.

      • fallenrose

        No, no, Famine thought Octavian was Cecily’s boyfriend – though BenO didn’t show up, there was stuff in the game intro about Octavian and Cecily spending a lot of time together now – was some stuff rewritten? Anyway, Famine was under the impression that Julian was the annoying bodyguard and Octavian might possibly be a love interest.
        Though the idea of Julian being Cecily’s (or Sess’s!) boyfriend is quite amusing.

        • Marie Brennan

          Oh, okay. That makes sense. I’m not sure exactly what the situation was supposed to be with regard to Octavian; we knew BenO wasn’t going to be there, so I got briefed with a different version, where I was still Anastasia’s student (though I don’t think everybody knew that had been changed). It didn’t make sense for me to be an independent faction if I was the only one in it, and since Mayghin wasn’t coming either (and Dan never showed up), we just mushed the two factions back together.

          • fallenrose

            Ok, wow, yeah, I didn’t know that had changed. It probably would have made things quite a bit different on my end, actually! Famine probably would have devoted a little more of her attention to Cecily then, which could have changed a few other things… oh well, maybe she would have still been intimidated for some other reason. It doesn’t matter now.

  3. feyangel

    So yeah.

    Wanted to let you know I had a great time.

    It was nice to interact with you, although I am not sure what that is going to mean now that we are back to normal and all. Can’t tell you how bad Cassy feels about what we did, and what it did to you.

    Mmm emotastic.

    So many things to say, that would only sound hollow after an experience like that. Here is hoping I can help. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      As hideous an experience as that is for Sess, I’m glad it’s going to provide an excuse for us to interact. I need a bigger circle of people I talk to in that game.

      I’m just afraid to find out what curse I’ve ended up with. <g>

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