also, gip

I couldn’t find a portrait of Elizabeth that was quite what I wanted in an icon, but she did have a lovely signature.

So this can be my Elizabethan-love icon.

And now I think I need to flop down on the couch like I’ve been meaning to since I got home. (Morning workout + most-of-the-day trip to Indy = tired kitten.)

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  1. sartorias

    I love her signature. (I also still remember with fascinated fondness that beautifully written letter of hers at the British Museum, in which she begs for her life from mary’s bloody retribution–the lines gradually slanting upward at the right)

    • Marie Brennan

      Is that the one she wrote to delay the people who were supposed to take her to the Tower?

      • sartorias

        Yes–right around the time lady jane was getting axed, as I recall. (I saw in December 1971–I was about the age she was when she wrote it–and so my memory is fuzzy.)

        • Marie Brennan

          Shortly after, I should think; if Wikipedia is to be believed (since I’m too lazy to go downstairs and check the one biography of Elizabeth I have on hand), Lady Jane was executed Feb. 12th, and Elizabeth went to the Tower in something like late Feb. or early March.

          Good memory, though, to pick that out; I hadn’t remembered that detail of the timeline, and I read the aforementioned biography just the other week. <g>

  2. mastergode

    What is this “GIP” of which I see people speak?

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