Stand still, you ever-moving spheres of heaven . . . .

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce the decision on my next novel. The title of my forthcoming book will be . . .

. . . <drum roll> . . .

Midnight Never Come.

(Confidential to Memento people: yes, that means exactly what you think it means.)

For everyone else, who does not already know what this is, here’s a redacted (read: spoiler-free) version of the pitch I sent to my editor.

A jewel in the crown of Renaissance Europe, glittering with power and wealth. For over thirty years Elizabeth has held the throne, taking no husband, but surrounding herself with the great names of the age. Sir Francis Drake plagues the Spanish at sea, while Sir Francis Walsingham quietly removes more subtle threats at home. Sir Walter Ralegh charts new lands abroad, and Doctor John Dee charts the stars of England’s destiny. With a keen mind and an overwhelming force of personality, Elizabeth plays the game of politics as well as any king.

A dark mirror of the glory above, hidden in the catacombs beneath London. Since Elizabeth took the throne, a new queen has reigned over the fae: Invidiana, a frozen, ageless beauty who rules with a ruthless and Machiavellian hand. Surrounded by dark fae and mortal pets like her mad seer Tiresias, she works in the shadows, weaving a web that touches the world above.

Ancient traditions once kept mortal and fae affairs largely separate. That changed with the rise of these two queens, who play an intricate political game, using the power of one side to manipulate the other. But someone is about to uncover, not just their game, but the secrets that lie behind it.

tooth_and_claw? Yeah, there’s a reason I’ve been pestering you for that portrait of Invidiana. ^_^

I am giddy about this one. Where by “giddy,” I mean about to go on Amazon and buy the rest of the books I need for research (I say “the rest” because I caved and bought some of them already). And I’m contemplating a brief trip to London — not the lengthy visit I want to make someday, but enough to walk around the Square Mile, go to the Tower again, get a feel for the place even if few buildings from Elizabethan times still survive. (Stupid Great Fire. Why did it have to interfere with my research?)

Oh, and the really awesome news? Warner wants to bump this one up to trade paperback, instead of mass-market. I know some people dislike that format, but from the moment I started thinking about this book, it wanted to be bigger — hardcover or trade — it just didn’t feel like mass-market in my head. And it turns out my editor agrees.

I’ll leave it at that for now, but watch this space for more information, as I babble about the awesome things I’m finding in my research, the story of where this novel came from, the music I’m already assembling for it, and so on. That will all have to wait for later, since right now I kind of need to go jump up and down and squeak with joy. *^_^*

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  1. oddsboy

    You are a bad, bad, awsome person. You know that don’t you? I think you can count on at least 4 copies being sold. *grin*


    • Marie Brennan


      For the record, the main characters are not you four, though there will be cameo appearances squeezed in there somehow. I’m of course having to rebuild the story without the metaplot that framed it originally. But the core stuff will all be there; it’s the reason the story wouldn’t leave my head.

      • oddsboy

        Bah! *hand waving* I am incensed and mortified as if one had cut off my arm at the leg!

        *snicker* I’m so bad at maintaining a straight face. What you really need to do is have an interdimensional Time Corps. made up of all the Yorkes past and present working together to solve the most difficult cases in the most awsome manner ever. And you could title it “Flight of teh Sexy Awsome People”. It would sell meeelions.

        Or, y’know, the origional idea, y’know, works okay too.


        • Marie Brennan

          I was about to suggest that you write that story yourself, but then I imagined your grasshopper brain tackling something like that, and I shuddered back from the number of incomplete and otherwise incoherent sentences it would probably contain. <g> Captain Non Sequitur writing a time-traveling multiple personality story . . . the mind boggles.

  2. sora_blue


    This just made my week!

    I love the concept, and I can’t wait to read your take on the era.

    Excellent news about the trade paperback, too!

  3. ksumnersmith

    Wow, this book sounds AWESOME!! And congratulations — trade paperback, whee!! (I, for one, am a big fan of trades.)

    I’m looking forward to reading this one already. *g*

    • Marie Brennan

      I can’t articulate why, in my head, this book needed to be hardcover or trade. It just did. And without me saying a word to anybody about it, everybody else felt the same way.

      !!!! <— continuing glee

  4. sapphohestia

    Awesome! Sounds like a really fantastic book.

    A trip to London would also be quite cool. I don’t suppose you’d want company? I’ve got a $300 travel voucher you see. :p

    • Marie Brennan

      I think the boy gets first dibs on keeping me company. <g> I might be a wretched traveling companion, though — very goal-oriented and with my head in the sixteenth century.

      My ship icon can do as my travel icon until I find a better.

      • sapphohestia

        I suppose that would make sense. The boy gets all the luck. I suppose the goal orientedness would make it unsuitable for a place to go for your honeymoon as well, unless you went twice (before and after the wedding). Be sure to get to the British Library – they have an incredible exhibit of rare books which will make you melt. Well, they make me melt. And cry.

        • Marie Brennan

          That’s a fabulous icon.

          A London trip is very pie-in-the-sky right now, but it would be a business expense, which raises it from “profoundly unlikely” to “quite conceivable.”

  5. prosewitch

    …Wow. I can’t wait to read that!

    Oh, and I thought you might want to know, an LJ friend of mine (met at a Worldcon) reviewed one of your short stories here.

    • Marie Brennan

      I can’t wait to write it, which is usually a sign that the end result is gonna be good. Of course, along the way I have to leap the hurdle of writing a historical fantasy with politics in, but eh. <g>

    • kniedzw

      You met Nicholas at WorldCon? Nifty. We just published an essay of his, as you might have noticed.

  6. danielmc

    count me among the many who love that period of history.
    plus i love the structure and kind of tale that this purposes.

    so, it is almost done right?


    keep counting that glee!!!

  7. fallenrose

    YAY! That sounds so awesome! Congratulations, and I can’t wait to read it!

  8. ninja_turbo

    Awesomeness! I’m eagerly anticipatory. And a change to Trade paperback is cool, I think, not only in that they’re a step up in quality and tend to get a special sub-section, but that also means that you can then get a check for the paperbacks later, right?

    • Marie Brennan

      Not everything that gets done in trade is also printed in mass-market, but it does happen. There wouldn’t be a new advance, but royalties are where the real living wage lies.

  9. d_c_m

    Oh rock on and so am I buying this one too!!!

    • Marie Brennan

      I figured it would be to the tastes of many of my friends. <g> And I rather suspect you’re a fan of Elizabeth, aren’t you?

      • d_c_m

        Oh yes. I am a fan of Elizabeth I! She was, after all, inspiration for a certain Changeling Queen of Concordia. 🙂

  10. kmousie

    Many, many congratulations! I can’t wait to read it!

    Also, I finished Warrior and Witch while waiting to leave for Phoenix. I asked to pass along my rave reviews, but I was absolutely floored by both it and Doppelganger. The world you created was so captivating and complete, and each of the characters had amazing dimension. You are also masterful at weaving your exposition seamlessly into the rest of the story…there were no flashing lights, and you never beat me over the head with anything, but you taught me everything I needed to know to follow the characters along their journey. I passed Doppelganger along to my mom, and I know she’ll enjoy it! I’m immensely proud of you.

    • Marie Brennan

      Aw, shucks. <blush>

      It’s the curse of the writer that we look at our works and mostly see what needs improving. I’m already eager to see how much better I can do with Midnight Never Come.

      • kmousie

        It’s the curse of the writer that we look at our works and mostly see what needs improving.

        Absolutely. While my writing is less exciting than yours, we get to be pleased with a new edition for about a day. Then it’s straight to updating and revising all over again!

        And I’m eager to benefit from your improvement!

  11. ombriel

    HOORAY!!! Congratulations!

    I didn’t know you were thinking about the Elizabethan stuff for your next novel; I thought you were still waiting to hear back about another project. Well, no wonder you’ve been talking about it so much lately. 🙂 ‘Grats on the trade paperback, too.

    • Marie Brennan

      There’s been a couple of possibilities floating around. This one happened to be the one that stuck. And while I would have been happy with any of them, this one is probably my favorite of the lot.

  12. clodfobble

    Nice! Congratulations. Does this mean you will officially have enough for a “collected works,” or will that require at least four? 🙂

  13. unforth

    Woot! That sounds awesome, I look forward to it.

    And I frequently curse the great fire. It destroyed books. That and Dissolution. Grrr. Damn you ancient wrongs I can’t do anything about!!

    Oh, and if you’re heading over there, mom just got back and says they’ve done some great stuff with the Tate (now called the British Tate…) 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      At least the Dissolution benefitted somebody, even if it was Henry VIII and his land-hungry nobles. Though I suppose you could argue the Great Fire benefitted anybody in the construction industry, and Sir Christopher Wren.

  14. snickelish

    Yay! The Elizabethan era is one of my favorite parts of English history, so I am doubly excited. Now I just have to wait for 2008. *pout*

    Anyway, congratulations!

  15. gryphart

    Ooooh. I really like the central idea of the novel – can’t wait to see the whole thing in the flesh!

  16. tooth_and_claw

    ZOMG! I’d heard you talking about this idea, and I’m so glad it came through!

    Okay, ok . . . I’ll finish it!

    • Marie Brennan

      It went from “huh, I wonder if I could make a novel out of it?” when you heard me bring it up to “omg I hope this goes through” in no time flat. But I kept my mouth shut after that first reference, so as not to spill the beans any more than I already had.

  17. kitsunealyc

    That is so awesome! I’ve been eagerly anticipating the possibility that you might write something like this since you first told me about the Invidiana stuff for Memento. Its such an excellent and sexy concept. And trade paperback? Woot!

    On a similar note, now that your wonderful other half has helped me get access to my old hard drive, I’m going to be spending the weekend doing some writing, which will probably include finishing my City of Light and Shadow story as well as the high-concept hentai.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, Invidiana’s the reason this novel is even happening. And if I have one thing distinguishing me from the other Elizabethan faerie fantasies out there, it’s her. (That, and the probable lack of either Marlowe or Shakespeare as central characters in the story.)

      Glad to hear you have the hard drive back! My boy is useful that way. ^_^

    • kniedzw

      Oh yeah. Let me know when you’re done with the cables for the hard drive. …or just bring them to one of the games this weekend. Glad that you appear to be getting all the files without problems.

    • anima_mecanique

      Wait, what the hell is ‘high-concept hentai’ and where can I read it?

  18. elizawrites

    Ooh, I keep wishing for more historical paranormals (fantasy? you know what I mean.) I know I could just write one myself, but now I don’t have to.

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m quickly realizing a possible reason why there aren’t more of them: all the worldbuilding work of a fantasy, plus the research of a historical! Gack.

  19. catrambo

    That sounds amazing! I’m really looking forward to reading it.

  20. feyangel



    Can’t wait to hear more about it.

    How much are you keeping the same?
    Oh this is going to eb the awesome!!!

    Onyx lives!!!! he was such a good golem. 🙂

    • feyangel

      Re: goodness!

      sorry wrong icon.

      this is the picture I never got to show you I made for the Black Countess.


      Lunch this week?

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: goodness!

      I know I’m keeping the stuff that was about Invidiana (including the backstory bits, with necessary changes), and I’m adding in the stuff that never fit into the game, namely, the political intrigue with the Elizabethan court. Beyond that, I don’t know yet. Step one, as I said to Ryan, is to cut out the metaplot-dependent bits, and the bits that are specific to Changeling. Then I’ll go from there.

  21. deadboxoffice

    Please add mine to the pile of congratulations. Well done indeed.


  22. las

    Huge congrats! Excellent news all the way around!

  23. akashiver


    I am *so* pleased to hear about this, given how long I’ve been following your struggles to pitch this book. I still want to see the communist fantasy and natural histories of dragons, of course, but I’m excited to hear this pitch has been accepted AND that it puts to use that work you did for Memento.

    All hail your fabulosity!

    • Marie Brennan

      I am sure the (not actually) communist fantasy and natural history of dragons will still happen someday. The latter may end up being a YA series instead.

  24. moonandserpent

    That’s fucking fantastic.

  25. lowellboyslash

    Congratulations on the tpb!!

  26. mastergode

    Congratulations! Seriously, I can only dream of the day when I’m publishing TPB’s.

    I’m seriously so happy for you. You certainly seem to be living the writer’s dream. =)

    • Marie Brennan

      <lol> Then writers are suckers for punishment. Seriously, without any denigration of the awesome moments, there’s also a lot of grinding effort mixed in, and if we weren’t suckers for punishment, we’d never make it to the cool parts.

      • mastergode

        *chuckles* Of course writers are suckers for punishment. That’s part of the dream, too. 😉

        But, of course, the corollary is that very few other professions have their grinding effort come to such fruition.

        Also, that was an utterly fantastic pitch. I’m in awe of your pitch-writing skills. *grins*

  27. gollumgollum


    And, um, hey. The old offer still stands. Any time you need to drive up to Indy at midnight, i’m way there. (:

    Back to squeeing. SQUEEEEE!!1

  28. moonartemis76

    oddsboy read me this post while I was driving home. I wept. I am overjoyed for you. I am giddy. Such an incredible concept and now you get to let her do all that couldn’t fit into those few weeks.

    Congratulations… from Rowan and me both!

    • Marie Brennan

      My goal is to take how scary you all found Invidiana anyway, and multiply it by at least five or so.

      If I can do that, I’m in business.

  29. astres

    Squee. I’m just leaving the obligatory “I’ve friended you!” post 🙂 I love your fiction and I can’t wait to see how your career evolves.

  30. princess706




    ::applause from way up here::

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