since it’s already written . . . .

It’s amazing how, even when I have a recommendation already written, I can get eleven days into the month without finding the time to post it.

Up this month: Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment. It’s one of the later Discworld books, but even if you haven’t read any of that series, take a look at what I’ve got to say about it; this book stands just fine on its own, and is substantive at the same time that it’s funny. (Which is a pretty good achievement for any writer.)

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  1. d_c_m

    I’m glad you liked that book. And you would make a great Maladicta!!

  2. witchwillow

    Absolutely Random Surfing In (Kinda)

    Yesterday was my birthday, and I went and made sure to buy Doppleganger and The Witch & The Warrior. I’d borrowed them from the library in February and enjoyed them enough that I knew, they had to be my gift to myself, to re-read whenever I wished.

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