Exercising today was kind of a bust.

Strength training: this went fine. A woman already had the hand-weight I use for one exercise, so I made myself step up to the next one. Had to lower my reps a bit, but other than that I was fine. So that’s an achievement.

Cardio: things started going wrong. The balls of my feet hurt for some reason, from the moment I stepped onto the elliptical. Not hurt badly, but enough that I quit a third of the way into my usual workout. Grrr.

Stretching: now, I’ve stretched for flexibility before. I know how it works. If I stretch two days after the previous session, it will hurt. I understand this. But there’s hurting, and there’s today, when my muscles told me in no uncertain terms where to shove it. Quit this one partway through, too, and when I got up the soreness took too long to go away.

Is some planet in retrograde that has to do with physical fitness? Because it sure felt like it.

Screw it. I’m going to eat girl scout cookies and forget about health for a day.

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  1. kmousie

    Enjoy the cookies. You deserve it!

  2. eclectician

    Ooog. Sorry to hear about the woe.

    Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see your shoulders at your wedding!

  3. kitsunealyc

    This has been a fairly brutal schmercury. The planet is going direct as we speak, and cell phones throughout Indiana aren’t working, students are getting extremely pissy and snatching papers out of their instructors’ hands, transportation and communication hiccups abound. Don’t know that it has to do with fitness. That would be a stretch (and everyone says “groan”)

  4. nconstruct

    I refrain from comment, unless it includes hiking to the middle of nowhere where I a signal still exists and I can celebrate with a fine Cab.

  5. gollumgollum

    Better to listen to your body than to end up breaking/tearing/twanging something. Even if it means your workout goes kablam.

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