What does one have to do to get a different result?

Which Lymond Character Are You?

Congratulations, you’re Francis Crawford of Lymond, for a time the Master of Culter. You’re the hero and the focal point of everything. You’re the quintessential romantic hero: brooding, mysterious, witty, informed, gentle, sensitive and all the rest. You should, perhaps, consider doing the dishes once in a while and speak in your native tongue when possible. In other words, show off a bit less. It won’t kill you.
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If I remember what it displayed correctly, 42% of us end up as Lymond. And I really, really wasn’t trying to skew that way. (I’m not sure I would want to skew that way. Lymond is not someone you necessarily want to emulate.) Maybe he’s so multi-talented, he covers most of the spectrum?

I disagree with their casting choice for the picture, though.

In other news, wow, I’ve spent most of today sleeping. No exaggeration. I guess I needed the rest?

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  1. mrissa

    I was Kate. I am trying very very hard not to be smug about that.

    I am failing.

    • kleenestar

      I got Kate too! Of course, I haven’t read the books yet (foolishly, I bought them and immediately packed them in my move) but it sounds like that’s a good thing. 🙂

  2. kristine_smith

    I recall hearing somewhere that O’Toole was Dunnett’s choice to play Lymond.

    • Marie Brennan

      That strikes me as odd if for no other reason than because O’Toole is over six feet tall. I see Lymond as much smaller.

      • kristine_smith

        A young O’Toole might have made a good Gabriel. Facially, he would have worked as Lymond, I think.

        I confess that I never developed a strong image of Lymond. Given that he was able to pass as a woman, I agree with you that he would likely be smaller, slighter, and not particularly masculine looking. Which makes me wonder whether Dunnett was so determined to allow her hero to triumph in every situation that she forgot at times what he looked like.

        • Marie Brennan

          I’m pretty sure suggested O’Toole for Gabriel when she first read the series.

          There’s a certain type of guy who can look good dressed as a woman without looking hugely effeminate the rest of the time; I knew one of them in high school. (What? There was a minor hazing thing where he had to be in drag. He looked good.) I imagine Lymond being that way, though I can’t detail precise features, as that’s something at which I suck mightily.

          As for being slight, I also imagine that Lymond would be one of those sorts who knows how to use his strength efficiently, rather than depending entirely on brute force to get something done.

          • kristine_smith

            Weren’t many men of his time on the smaller side?

            I think I’m thinking about this too much.

            I tested out as Lymond. I wanted to be Kate.

          • Marie Brennan

            People were smaller, due to poorer nutrition. Peter O’Toole would have been a giant. Then again, in our hypothetical movie everybody’s being played by modern actors, so you scale up accordingly — but Lymond shouldn’t be the tallest one on set.

            I would have been pleased to be Kate, Philippa, or Sybilla. Since all three of them rock.

          • anima_mecanique

            Yeah, they mention that Gabriel is a lot taller than Lymond a few times.

        • Marie Brennan

          FWIW, Cillian Murphy’s the closest I have to a casting for Lymond, except that I don’t know if he would look weird blonde. He’s the right size and shape in my head, and can do a fair range of things, including nicely cold-blooded killing.

          • tchernabyelo

            Cillian isn’t too far from how I imagine Lymond, but a bit different on the bone structure.

            Gabriel – I imagined him as beefier than O’Toole (almost more of a Brian Dennehy build), but O’Toole would have made a damned good job of his charisma and hubris. Plus those eyes.

            Not convinced that 42% as Lymond makes it skewed, but some of the answer are clearly not going to be given by anyone remotely sane. I ended up as Lymond, which is an utter nonsense. I actually thought I might get Marthe. Will Scott, maybe. Philippa, maybe. Even Richard, maybe. But not Francis Crawford of Lymond. No

          • Marie Brennan

            There’s something just a little bit odd about Cillian Murphy’s looks, you’re right. But it’s the closest I’ve been able to find.

            With O’Toole, the charisma and hubris is exactly what I mean. But you’d really have to aim for it to end up as Gabriel in the quiz.

  3. khet_tcheba

    All you have to do is change the picture…

    I ended up with Gideon Somerville. Not sure how I feel about that.

    Oh, dear. I just realized you can look at the other possible results. Some of the casting choices are…interesting. Russell Crowe is quite possibly the last person on earth I would have picked for Richard.

  4. anima_mecanique

    ….actually, I got Gideon Somerville.

  5. gollumgollum

    Can i take this quiz yet, or should i hold off? (For the record, since D&D fell through, today is “finish book 4 day”.)

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