A large amount of tinkering later, I think I have finally achieved something I’ve been aiming at for a while. You see, I didn’t just switch to a paid account so I could have more icons (though I admit that was icing on the decision); I did it so I could embed the journal on my website. Thanks to the inestimable sapphohestia, this is done. You can now read this journal at its LJ address, or at Swan Tower. I believe everything is working now, with a couple other minor fixes made to the site at the same time.

There’s other stuff I want to do over there, but I think I need a break from webpage coding.

However, I’ll try one more shiny new thing before I quit: a poll! It’s my first ever. The question at hand, dear readers, is what I should do about my default icon. At present, it is Michael Whelan’s Summer Queen, that woman in the gorgeous mask you can see on this post. This has been my default since I first got on LJ, in large part because at the time the default for my meaner half, kurayami_hime, is Whelan’s Snow Queen. But I am contemplating — though not decided on — a change. The options for switching are as follows:

My swan icon — the major selling point for this one is the whole Swan Tower/New Swan thing, it being a reasonably appropriate representation of me. Currently I don’t have a particular use for this one.

My Neuschwanstein iconSchloss Neuschwanstein literally translates to “New Swan Stone Castle,” and I have a childhood love for the place (though I’ve never been). Currently this is my icon for the rare post about domestic events involving our domicile, Castle N.

My writing icon — the only real selling point for this one is that I use it all the bloody time, since more of my posts are about writing than any other topic. Otherwise, it has nothing to recommend it in particular.

Some Swan Tower icon created for me by tooth_and_claw — I’ve been toying with the idea of getting her to design a logo for the website as a whole, which would then be an appropriate default for my journal.

It’s your turn to vote!

0 Responses to “oof.”

  1. sartorias

    Do visit Neuschwanstein if you possibly can. It’s a shame Ludwig never lived there–it is truly the most awesome fairy tale castle I have ever seen.

  2. kitsunealyc

    The swan and castle icons look rather like stock photos. They’re nice and all, but don’t strike me as having a lot going on besides your associations with them. I love your summer queen icon and writing icons, but if you have the choice, I say brand yourself!! (or rather, let tooth_and_claw do it for you!)

    • moonandserpent

      “I say brand yourself!! (or rather, let tooth_and_claw do it for you!)”

      That brings up some fascinating visuals…

      I’ll be in my bunk.

  3. deedop

    If you’re interested in swan art, you might be able to twist my arm to do an icon variation on this illustration I did for Fortean Bureau’s Forty Beers issue. Yes, that is King Ludwig’s hat in the foreground. 🙂

  4. kurayami_hime

    But! I’m only kind of mean. Enabler mean. Mean with a smile and an insight into exactly the wrong thing to say.

    Now everyone will think I’m a horrible person.


  5. sapphohestia

    I’m glad your fidling was successful. It looks different for LJ users who are signed in, it’s very odd. 🙂 Aphra seems to approve, however.

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