feeling accomplished

Spent the weekend up in Indy. Four stores and obscene quantities of silk, satin, taffeta, tulle, crystal, and lace later, ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve found my wedding dress.

If I weren’t so proud of myself for having put together this icon, I might be tempted to use the detail photo my mother took of the embroidery as my wedding icon.

We’ve also scoped out hotels to put the guests up in, looked askance at the horrible selection of bridesmaids’ dresses, and started thinking about florists. We are, it seems, in business.

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  1. kmousie

    Hurrah! Congratulations on your accomplishments so far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. sapphohestia

    Wow! Congratulations! At first I thought you were describing fabric stores and were going to make your own dress. I suppose you’ve chosen the route of sanity however.

    So, are you going to torment us or is a link to THE dress going to be forthcoming? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Marie Brennan

      Definitely the route of sanity.

      Unfortunately, the only extant photos of The Dress are crummy ones taken inside the shop, which I will not post; they don’t show the dress to advantage and would spoil the surprise anyway. But I might post the detail photo as a teaser. ^_^

  3. feyangel


    So excited. Can’t wait to see it.

  4. lowellboyslash

    We don’t get pictures?

  5. d_c_m

    YAY!!! And congratulations!!!

  6. danielmc

    slightly clueless or did not write it down…or both.

    when is the day?

  7. sarcastibich

    Every time I see Mike’s mom she asks how wedding planning is going, and each time I say “Its not because [insert most recent excuse]” That poor woman, its driving her crazy.

    And this is my wedding icon, as I love my diamond so very much. Its my SHPARKLY!

  8. princess706


    I am excited for you!!

    Side note: Best bridesmaids dress I ever got to wear was actually a sleeveless suit with a long skirt. The material was a matte poly/wool blend. We all got the skirts shortened post-wedding and had wicked summer-weight suits.

    Also… totally OT, I found a copy of Warrior & Witch in Baton Rouge two weeks ago. I found it here in Denver today. I try to look when I’m on the road. It is just cool seeing “you” somewhere else.

  9. sarcastibich

    Bridesmaids dresses

    I fully intend to let my bridesmaids pick what they want to wear, as long as it is the right color and formal enough. I’m not going to have them all wear the same outfit, as there are varying body shapes in the group. Not to mention preferences in dress styles. I’m not going to ask them to wear a dress if they aren’t comfortable doing so. As long as they have the right shade of [color of wedding here], I don’t care.

    • gollumgollum

      Re: Bridesmaids dresses

      Sarcastibich: Do they have to wear dresses? (;

      s_t: I was gonna put in my own 2 cents on that one too–i’m a huge fan of everyone wearing “dark blue” and picking out a dress that works for them. Avoids the “well, i have a really skinny bridesmaid, a really heavy bridesmaid, and two girls in between” issue.

      Squee!1 Can we bribe you to get to see (pictures of) the dress? (;

      • Marie Brennan

        Re: Bridesmaids dresses

        If I can’t find anything suitable, I might go that route. But I do think it looks a little better when everybody’s wearing the same outfit, like the groomsmen are. I would never be the kind of psychotic bride who demands her bridesmaids dye their hair, diet down to particular weights, etc, but I think I can find an outfit that will look fine on all three of mine.

        What I’m thinking of doing, honestly, is telling them the color I want, then letting them work out amongst themselves which outfit will be the one. I don’t particularly care what it is, so long as it fits a basic criterion like color and makes them all happy.

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