Campbell Award deadline

Please pardon a moment of shameless self-promotion.

One of the awards given at WorldCon during the Hugo ceremony (but not a Hugo) is the Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Nominations and voting are based on WorldCon membership, which probably isn’t most of you, but there’s a post on Deep Genre with some timely information, namely, that if you weren’t a member of last year’s WorldCon and aren’t going to this year’s, then you have until the end of the day tomorrow (the 31st) to buy a $50 supporting membership that would allow you to do things like, oh, say, nominating me for the Campbell. ^_^

Given the financial state of a lot of my friends, I don’t expect people to drop $50 on this, nor to be making the pilgrimage to Japan for the upcoming WorldCon. But some of you might have been at last year’s, so I thought I’d toss it out there. And this is information worth spreading regardless, to newsgroups/websites/whatever that might have interested parties.

Normally I don’t shill for awards like this, but the Campbell is kind of a Holy Grail in my mind. Just getting on the list of nominees is a giant boost to a writer’s career, let alone winning, so it’s worth putting my modesty aside for a few minutes. (Fortunately for me, I’m only in my first of two years of eligibility, so I get another chance at this.) Anyway, spread the word, let people who have gone or will be going to WorldCon know.

And if I end up on the list of nominees, I will so totally give you a cookie. ^_^

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  1. jimhines

    I’m not eligible to vote or nominate, but I wanted to wish you luck. As I understand it, the Campbell tends toward novelists…. I’ll cross my fingers for you!

    • Marie Brennan

      It tends toward people who reach the biggest audience, as I understand it, which is going to be novelists unless you’re Jay Lake or somebody like that.

      • jimhines

        I’ve seen your Amazon rankings. You’ve got an audience 🙂

        • Marie Brennan

          Looking over the list of eligible writers, my money’s on Naomi Novik for the win. But I would do the Snoopy dance just over making the nominees this year or next.

          • jimhines

            I missed that. Novik’s eligible? Yeah … I suspect she’s gonna kick some butt, in that case. Anyone who’s already got Peter Jackson planning to do movies from her books has a definite edge.

            I know what you mean, though. I’ve got a story with 7 Nebula recs. There’s no way I’d actually win, but I’d love to make the preliminary ballot.

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