Oh, right. Con report.

VeriCon ’07: The Little Con That Could. Seriously, I’m just bursting with pride that it’s going so strong, and has lasted for seven years (with more to come!). This alone makes me happy about attending.

But there were other things to be happy about, too. Awesome guests; I was on panels with Guy Gavriel Kay, R. A. Salvatore, Sharyn November (editor of Firebird, for those who don’t follow YA stuff and aren’t giddy that she’s brought so many awesome things back into print), Vandana Singh, and Jeffrey Carver, with whom I shared a signing at the Harvard Book Store. And I got to pick Salvatore’s brain for my ICFA paper: double bonus! He gave me some invaluable intel about the backstage processes behind his dark elf series and others; I want my paper to be about not just the texts, but about how they have been produced. (Can you tell I’m an anthropologist going to a mostly-lit conference?) I also got to have a lengthy conversation with Sharyn, interesting chats with various people outside the Masq, and numerous meals with friends, thus fulfilling my social quota for the weekend. (So if I’m hermit-ish for a while, you’ll know why — that, and my pile of Stuff To Do.)

I also read “Nine Sketches, in Charcoal and Blood” at Milk and Cookies. It really was a hair on the long side, which I feel bad about, but since I wrote a large portion of it at VeriCon two years ago, I really wanted to read it there. And enough people came up to me afterwards to ask questions about it that I’m pleased with how it was received.

Now I’m back home. Apparently the cold in Boston was training me for the cold here. Hello, winter. Nice to see you. Please go away soon.

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  1. sivvyswraith

    It was wonderful to see you again, dear.

    And thanks for the signings!

  2. lillornyn

    Dude. You talked to Bob Salvatore about his dark elves.

    With anyone else, this would be a cause for much snickering and many jokes about Mr. Do’urden. With you, it’s just freakin’ awesome.

    Will there be somewhere (like, you know, here) where us non-academy types can read this paper when you’re finished with it?

    • Marie Brennan

      Potentially. I may or may not try to sell it to Strange Horizons when I’m done. Otherwise, you could just get me to talk about it at some point; I’ve got my ideas more or less straight now, and just need to write the thing.

      • lillornyn

        Well, if you sell it to SH, I’ll certainly be able to read it.

        And by all means, ramble on about it when next we meet — but I’ll still want to read the finished product, too. πŸ˜‰

  3. Anonymous

    Firebirds Rising was lovely. It brought together a fantastic group of writers. Maybe there’ll be a Marie Brennan story in a future edition? πŸ˜‰

    • Marie Brennan

      I haven’t written much YA, but that may be changing; I’ve got a notion for a novel series that I think would be more YA than adult. (Then again, that still doesn’t put me in any YA anthologies.)

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