Stupid Psychological Trick #449

Maybe if I have a wedding icon, I’ll be more likely to stay on top of this whole “wedding planning” thing.

At least I managed to make myself an icon that is topical without leaving me in a mood to stab my eyes out with a sugar-coated fork. I rather suspect that, were I to have hired a wedding consultant, she would have despaired over my intolerance for all the cutesy baggage. And hey! It even has text! I generally don’t (can’t) do icon text without it coming out looking like crap.

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  1. kallianeira

    Wedding planning is waaaay overrated. I’ve recently discovered the Offbeat Bride (though too late to help with my own wedding planning), which puts all the cutesy stuff into a new perspective!

  2. d_c_m

    If I had to do it over again, I would have spent the money and had a wedding planner do the wedding for me. I had a lavish wedding at basically no cost, BTW. Hubby and I are friends with Shoshana Brady – – and I’m sure that if you wanted to hire her she would understand about your not wanting foofy nonsense.

    Also, any time you want to call up and vent and throw ideas around, I am available. No strings attached. I’ve been there. I cracked 90 minutes before my wedding and turned into Psycho Bride. It would have been good if I had had someone there to watch my back rather than me doing it all myself. And yes, Hubby did help. 🙂

  3. kniedzw

    Look! I made one too!


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