I keep not getting around to the substantive posts I mean to make, so this will have to stand in lieu of them.

Some of you may have noticed my abundance of new icons. It’s because I’ve upgraded to a paid account, and can now have 35 instead of 6. I’m slowly filling up the slots; you can see my latest (and cutest) addition on this post, and the rest of them here. (Yes, folks, I finally have a Memento icon, well after I’m done running the game. I put it in there anyway, ’cause I have the space.)

I turn to you, my readers, for assistance in finding/making two new icons. The Long Room pic is my academic icon, but I’d like one for teaching specifically; I’m not sure what I want out of it, but not a generic apple-chalkboard-etc. kind of thing. Maybe something fairy-tale related, since I’ll mostly be using it next fall, when I teach my own course for the first time. Also, I would like an icon for my costuming endeavours, and again, I have no idea what it should look like — a sewing machine just doesn’t seem exciting. Something that reflects my tendency to end up in homicidal rages when I sew? (If you have the capacity to make animated gifs, let me know; I usually don’t favor those, but a montage of me-in-costume pics might be appropriate.)

Maybe a LARPing icon, too, so I can save the Roman d20 for tabletop gaming.

I mean, I have all these slots; I might as well use them. ^_^

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  1. ombriel

    I’ll probably be joining the ranks of paid users myself soon–specifically because of icons and my desire for more. ^__^

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m actually in the process of shifting the journal on my website over to an embedded LJ, since Blosxom hasn’t worked out for me how I hoped, and I can’t do the embedding I want unless I have a paid account.

      But that really was just the excuse I wanted to get more icons. I’ve been eyeing a paid account for some time. ^_^

      (I think I’ll do Gratuitous Icon Comments on this post, just to show off my shiny new variety.)

      • danielmc

        i have access to a stock image library and sometimes has some interesting images. keep my eye open for aforementioned content types.

        not to distract you, but if you find anything that you might want from: http://www.shutterstock.com/ let me know.

        in other news, look for an email from me on Larp follow ups.

        • Marie Brennan

          Yeeks. I think there’s too many pictures there for me to do anything other than get lost in it.

          You get a Gratuitous Icon Comment with the ballerina and kitten!

          • danielmc

            i did find a harp in the shutterstock and interesting fae images.
            i’ll give a look see for a horn…hmmm

  2. sivvyswraith

    I have the power and the practice to make moving .gifs. I haven’t learned neat wipes or little blinky stars yet, but if you’re interested, email the photos in question to kwaller-at-post, which should forward to my gmail. Or, y’know, cut out the middleman.

    • Marie Brennan

      Actually, I realized the GIMP lets me make animated icons. Unfortunately, it can’t teach me how to make an animated icon that doesn’t suck. <g> I think I need pithy text to punctuate it, but I’m fresh out of pithy text at the moment.

      (I am not actually in the mood the Angry Kitten icon is meant to represent, but it’s so cute, I wanted to use it.)

  3. akashiver

    I hail the cuteness of the owl. And angry-kitten. And all the others.

  4. sarcastibich

    Tee hee, angry kitten!
    This is one of my favorites that I don’t use often, but still enjoy.

    Beyond posting so you can GIP another icon, I wanted to ask if you have heard of the novel “Looking Glass Wars” by Frank Beddor? Its a retelling, and I recently purchased and enjoyed it. Apparently there is some hubbub about the book, as he takes the Wonderland of Lewis Carrol and reimagines it into his own story. I’d be interested to see discussion of this on the Re_Mused community, but as I can only stalk and not post to it I cannot do so. Wanna help me out, get it started over there?


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