Inaugural random thought for the new year

The playing of a Bjork song (“Human Behaviour”) at the dance party tonight inspired me to
come up with a genre system for music based on parts of the body. That’s a thigh song, you
see, where “thigh song” is defined as “a song where you plant your feet wide apart and sink
down, knees bent, so your thighs will be very unhappy at you later if you don’t normally do
things like that or have fallen out of the habit.”

Thigh songs may perhaps be subdivided into stompy songs (self-explanatory) and thigh-hip
songs, which blur over into those hip songs where you’re not sunk down while swinging your
butt around. There are also toe songs (bouncing a lot on the tips of your toes) and feet
songs, not to be confused with the former category — feet songs involve both heel and toe,
doing fun footworky things. Also arm songs, though you don’t find a lot of those in what
people normally think of as “dance music.” (My definition of music worth dancing to is . . .

And wow, spelling that word took way too many tries, so I’m going to bed.

Happy New Year, all.

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  1. mrissa

    There are hair songs, too. There are the ones where you are glad you have long hair so you can dance with your hair. This is generally a subgenre of “hippie music,” for just swinging your hair around to.

    • gollumgollum

      Although there’s an entirely different set of “hair songs”…but generally we just call them “f#cking metal.” (;

    • Marie Brennan

      Ah, yes. Someone brought those up last night, but I forgot to list them — maybe because my hair’s propensity for tangling means I generally avoid dancing with it in such a fashion, lest I be left with a matted monstrosity for which the only cure is to shave it all off.

  2. selenya

    Happy New Year!

    I personally like “arm” songs. 😉

    Or “butt” songs.

    (and here’s a hair icon for !)

  3. Anonymous

    I am boggling at how good your eyesight must be to pull that off. I love taking a red pencil to my work, but at EIGHT point? Aiiee. I’d be lucky if I could get through a single page without going blind!

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