I’ll be a real teacher!

Just got official notice that my course proposal for Collins, the honors dorm here on
campus, has been accepted. Next fall I’ll be teaching “Fairy Tales in the Modern World,” a
class on contemporary retellings of folktales. It’s mostly literature-based, but I’m slipping
in what I can about movies, role-playing games, and the like.

I’m both very excited and a little nervous. I’ve got four years of teaching experience
under my belt, but it’s all as an assistant to a professor, so this will be my first time
running my own course. The cool thing is, enrollment is limited to 20, so it will also be my
first chance to really get to know my students personally, give detailed feedback on papers,
etc, rather than plowing through sixty student assignments and teaching three sections. Since
a lot of the students are going to be freshman and sophomores, this means I have a shot at
actually influencing how they approach their college education. (Yeah, yeah, delusions of
grandeur, I know. But I have hopes.)

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  1. ombriel

    Congrats! I look forward to hearing all about the course.

  2. drydem

    I’ll burn you a disc of Bugs Bunny cartoons that are folktale adaptations.

  3. buymeaclue

    Hey, cool! Post about it, please?

    • Marie Brennan

      Oh, certainly. In fact, I’ll probably make the syllabus publicly available when I’m done polishing it, and live-blog my experiences as the semester goes along. (With, I imagine, a certain amount of self-censoring, as I can’t rule out the possibility of my students reading what I post.)

  4. sapphohestia

    Congratulations. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity, both for you and for the students.

  5. nconstruct

    Well bingo and congrats! Does that make you a full fledged prof now?

  6. catvalente

    *coughs* May I suggest The Orphan’s Tales? 😉

    • Marie Brennan

      <g> Actually, since I’m focusing strongly on short stories (as they allow me to give three or four examples of a concept without making a heavy reading load), I’m probably going to be distributing most of the readings via downloadable scans; it’s a service the university offers. So it wouldn’t be a book-sale bonanza. But if I end up including anything from The Orphan’s Tales, I’ll let you know.

  7. tooth_and_claw

    Honors dorm? Wait, really?

    And congrats, if I am here in fall I’ll try to take it.

  8. kmousie


  9. lowellboyslash


    I assume the Colors of Fantasy series (Snow White, Blood Red etc.) is already under consideration.

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m going to be pulling a large number of stories from those, in all likelihood, as short stories give me nice, bite-sized units they can read in clusters and compare. Novels would limit comparison more stringently.

  10. ninja_turbo

    W00t! Congrats, yo!

  11. oneminutemonkey

    I’d totally take that class. :>

  12. unforth

    Congrats! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do fine.

  13. Anonymous

    How do you narrow the choices for materials?

    How exciting!

    The class sounds fascinating, too. There should be plenty of lit-based options. Some genre-based ones, too, like “Stardust” and “The Book of Lost Things.”

    That’s got to be one fun reading list. 😉

    C. Rooney

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: How do you narrow the choices for materials?

      It’ll be biased toward genre, if anything, since that’s what I know best, but anthos like the Datlow&Windling set tend to cross that boundary pretty well.

      Stardust will probably be the one novel-length text they read, unless it gets beaten out by The Darkangel, by Meredith Ann Pierce.

  14. lenasawyer

    That sounds fantastic! Please share your reading/viewing list when you have it.

  15. odanuki

    As a former Collinsite, I have to say I think you’ll have fun. Collins kids are good folk. Congratulations!

  16. catrambo

    Collins LLC! I was a freshman in Brown Hall about a billion years ago. Okay, maybe 25. That sounds like a great class, I certainly would have taken it. 🙂

  17. prosewitch

    Congrats on your acceptance! Let me know if you need anything else from me, like resources or guest lectures… 🙂

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