World Fantasy was good. Got to see (read: stay with) Khet; got to socialize with many
friends from previous cons and make some new ones. The con itself wasn’t the best I’ve ever
been to — thin programming, too heavily focused on the topic du jour (the Robert E. Howard
Centennial), and most of the panels I went to were okay at best — but that’s only one of the
reasons I go, and not even the most important one, so I’m not upset.

Voted this afternoon. Most of my time was spent waiting for them to figure out what to do
with the two women in front of me who had both moved and therefore needed to jump through
administrative hoops. Link of interest: the Vote
by Mail Project
is pushing the model of voting Oregon uses, which appears to be vastly
preferable on every front you can imagine. Worth taking a look at.

Also, started wading through my school e-mail that had built up over the weekend, and found
I’ve made it through the first round of cuts for my Collins course proposal. Now I have a
half-hour interview/presentation to go through, with some adjustments to be made to my
syllabus. Not sure when I’ll have the time to prep for that between now and Thursday, but I’d
better find some, as it appears I stand an actual chance of getting this through.

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  1. oneminutemonkey

    It was great to meet you at WFC. Dinner on Saturday was entertaining, at least once we overcame the Wait From Hell. :> And naturally, it was way too much fun finding out where we overlapped in terms of comics and urban fantasy. Here’s hoping we get to continue that conversation someday. :>


    • Marie Brennan

      See, this is why they need to just print people’s LJ names on their tags, where applicable. I had no idea this username belonged to you.

      • oneminutemonkey

        No kidding! It was an even split between those who knew who I was by my name, and those who only started to nod knowingly when I mentioned my LJ name. Had I thought about it, I would have done as some did and written my LJ name on the tag as well. Of course, I met so many more people than I expected to, in part thanks to hanging around Jana. :>

        (I certainly hope that this username belonging to me is a -good- thing… :> )

  2. kniedzw

    From their FAQ:Loss of exit poll data as verification of election results?The 2004 presidential election demonstrated that exit polling cannot currently be used as a reliable method for verification of results. A verifiable paper trail allowing for a recount, and an independent auditing system to establish the legitimacy of the vote count are necessary to ensure all results. All vote by mail systems have the advantage of providing a solid paper trail, and random ballot auditing can be incorporated into the regular vote tallying procedure.I call bullshit. The Carter Center has used them for years as a barometer. Well-designed exit polls are a good way to spot election fraud.


    • Marie Brennan

      Okay, but that doesn’t mean a paper trail isn’t a good idea, and that the other virtues of the system are invalidated. I haven’t done a lot of reading on this yet, but on the surface it looks pretty good.

      • Anonymous

        At least more poor and working people get to vote.

        Imo the best reform we could have is to give up this secret ballot nonsense. It invites fraud.

        I don’t want my ballot secret … I want my ballot COUNTED.

  3. lenasawyer

    Oh,heck! Didn’t get to meet you or get my/your books signed! Well, I love the books.

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