0 Responses to “Oriana Krivchenko, 1980-2006”

  1. kitsune_zen

    heh…you should photoshop a white coat floating in the surf ;>

  2. feyangel

    So I want to hear this story!

    Lunch today?

    • Marie Brennan

      Do you think I’m up at this hour for fun? <g> I’m on my way to Milwaukee, back tomorrow. But I’m not telling the story just yet, since there’s a possibility I might be telling it IC on Sunday, and I’d rather people hear it that way first.

  3. unforth

    🙁 I’m sorry to hear it…sounds like things got a bit brutal… I too would like to hear the story, though…

    • Marie Brennan

      It was the kind of brutality that’s . . . wow, it’s going to sound so dysfunctional if I say “fun,” but you know what I mean. 🙂

      • oddsboy

        Brutality’s keen! I mean, it is a Torn game, after all. Enjoy the brutal… Grab yourself a beeeeer… Come to the Torn side of th’ force…

        And, y’know, good game and all that *grin*.


    • erdedrache

      Brutality: an inevitable side effect of a battle consisting of Torn, Liza, Azzy, Ree, Wild Thorn, and Little Balor vs. two battalions of Red Fomorians, led by one of their highest warlords. 😉

  4. diatryma

    Your and Eliza’s game make me want to be part of it too, which really means that your storytelling and hinting skills (as well as wardrobe) are enough to suck in someone who knows she’d be very bad at gaming. Go you.

    • Marie Brennan

      Not my game this time, actually; one I was playing in. As for that last bit — have you actually tried gaming? And tried it for long enough to get over the initial learning curve everybody has?

      • diatryma

        Once, long ago, and done poorly; the rest has been online only, usually text-based. It always fell apart after a little while, usually a communal effort rather than a single toxic person.
        Clearly, I have to live near my ICFA people for a while.

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