a window into my life

There’s nothing quite like curling up on a cold, grey Sunday afternoon to read Maoist tracts on guerrilla warfare for the fantasy novel proposal you’re working on.


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  1. kitty_bitch

    You are so delightfully geeky…

  2. anghara

    I quite understand. I did the Mao thing too [grin]

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, I noticed. <g> I’m having to revamp his ideas to fit the rather different circumstances I’m using them in, but I think he’d approve, what with the rant about how it’s stupid to treat one war the same as another.

  3. kniedzw

    You’re welcome for me buying it. 🙂

  4. sartorias

    Does Mao have anything new to add to the general tactical or strategic rudiments that makes it worth trudging through his godawful prose?

    • Marie Brennan

      I can read godawful prose when there’s only 64 pages of it. 🙂 Mostly I’m finding his stuff useful on the topics of the organization of guerrilla units, and their relationship to the people (that latter especially because it’s the place where the groups in my story are having the most difficulty). The basic military principles, on the other hand, I got ages ago when I read Sun Tzu.

      No doubt there are more recent and better-written works on the subject, but I had this one on my own bookshelf, so it has the virtue of convenience.

  5. bakkhos

    Wow, that sounds interesting. It’s for your next novel?

    • Marie Brennan

      Possibly. Nothing’s decided yet.

      • bakkhos

        Btw, I mentioned you at my senior honors presentation. I was talking about my novel and the process, etc. so I mentioned how we were set up by Absynthe Muse. My novel is only a few scenes away from being done, yay! (The first draft, anyway.) I’m really glad it’s almost done. It took so long, because school was a pretty big interruption. I have over 150,000 words written. So I think my next step will be to go through it and try to slash 10,000 words here and there. 🙂 I still appreciate all the help and support you gave. ♥

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