back to press!

Here’s some good news I do understand: Doppelganger is going back to press!

It’s fantastic to have this happen to my first novel. This means that, while probably not every single copy of the first print run has been sold yet, it’s come close enough that they’re making more. In other words, it’s selling better than expected, by a lot.

I believe the word is “wah-hootie!”

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  1. danielmc

    i will second that WAHOOOTIEEE!

    been recommending it to many.
    need to pick up W&W today.


  2. kniedzw


    Well, that’s reason enough for celebration this evening. I vote that you get sloshed at dinner. 🙂

  3. d_c_m

    I second that emotion!! Go you!!!! YAY!!!!

  4. lightwhispers

    WOOT! (Note, that *is*, in fact, WOOT factorial.)

    With a side of Boo-yah.

  5. gollumgollum

    Incredibly funny conversation we had yesterday, then. *grin*

    Congratulations!1 Get down wit’ yo bad self, yo.

  6. selenya

    Jeebus Criminy!

    Congrats! ^.^

  7. princess706

    Oh HELL YEAH!!!!


  8. leahbobet


    At the bookstore, we’ve already sold half our initial order of W&W too. 🙂

  9. squishymeister


  10. akashiver


  11. sartorias

    Huzzah! And may this net you a smacking big advance for the next!

  12. mallory_blog

    Congratulations, that’s awesome!

  13. moonartemis76

    That’s great!! I went in to Border’s this morning to buy W&W and there was only one copy left on the shelf in the several book large hole where your name fit. The last copy had the ear bent back and was kind of inbetween shelves like it wasn’t for sale so I asked when I was checking out and they pointed me to a display that was there in addition to your spot on the shelf. You have spot on Borders “New Paperback Release” table. A spot that was getting pretty low (2 left). I was impressed with you.

  14. dsgood


  15. jimhines

    That’s wonderful, and well deserved!

    I read W&W today while sitting in the hospital waiting room. Once I get some down time and my wife recovers from her knee surgery, I plan on posting a very positive review for ya!

  16. unforth

    More congratulations! 🙂 Insert additional random congratulatory remark here!

  17. ombriel

    Woot! Well done, madam.

  18. adehos_kitchell

    Wow, that’s fantastic! Congratulations!

  19. ellen_kushner

    Warmest congratulations!

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