beet pulp, Russian countertenors, and election theft

I have a handful of links to get rid of. Don’t expect anything resembling a coherent theme to the topics of this post.

First and most serious: mounting proof that the 2004 presidential election was stolen. It’s long. Read it all. Cringe at the number of federal laws that were broken, let alone the rest of the shady, non-kosher polling practices.

Now, to cheer you up: the hazards of beet pulp. Don’t drink anything while you’re reading it.

Brave New Words. The Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction has a publication date, at last.

Hey, Khet? I think you have some competition.

And, in conclusion, I give you Vitas. Watch a smirking little girly-man jump three octaves as if he hasn’t noticed that men aren’t supposed to be sopranos. (Countertenors weird me out a little.) If the smirk doesn’t entertain you enough — or if it does — then try the music video version, where in he’s a smirking little fish-boy instead. Then go watch him sing “Lucia di Lammermoor” — you know, that piece the female opera singer performs in The Fifth Element. Cracktastical, I tell you, and I’ve only watched a few of the videos so far.

That will do for now.

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  1. d_c_m

    OH wow. That singer is fun!! Hmmm…. Maybe D from DDBD willl dance to that version….

    I saw you today as I drove to the chiropractor. If I hadn’t been late I would have driven ya’ to wherever you were going. Probalby school.

  2. Marie Brennan

    In some of the videos, yes. In others, he’s just . . . all over the place. There’s one where depending on the camera shot, he looks anywhere from twelve to thirty. The smirk tends to stay, though.

  3. elizaeffect

    Eeeeheehee smirky smirky! Oh man, I laughed like crazy.

  4. oddsboy

    Wow. He’s one of the few people I can say has an unloseable smirk trait. Speakign of being a horrible geek, this guy *needs* to be in deadmanwade’s abberrant game. I mean, c’mon, unusually good looking, horribly arrogant, VOICE… And he even comes with his own crazy mutant name! What more do you need?


  5. khet_tcheba

    Ah, yes, Yaya. She’s a fairly regular fixture in my circle, and has done some really kickass work.

    Okay. Not only does he have fly girls – he has sequin-studded violin-playing fly girls. I think this is still my favorite of the songs Youtube has, if only for the last third of the song. Not as much smirking, really, because I think he’s trying to be serious/angsty, but he does do the eyebrow equivalent thereof, which is really kind of creepy.

    • kniedzw

      Don’t forget that he is the artist who has been waited for.

      He is a little creepy. He’s apparently also a fashion designer. Go figure.

      • khet_tcheba

        Right. Because being a waifish little pretty boy with a soprano-range voice doesn’t net you enough eccentric weirdo points.

        “So the composer invited Vitas to come to Rome to take part in the rehearsals of ‘Toska’, the modern version of the legendary opera”

        Wait, what?

  6. eclectician

    Have you seen the film Farinelli the Castrato?

    If not, put it on your netflix _now_. I imagine your reaction to it will be… rapturous. I mention this because the smirking little man’s facial expressions remind me of Farinelli in the movie. That and the soprano voice…

  7. sarcastibich

    Vitas cracks me up. My coworker and I had a discussion debating the possibility of a Victor/Victoria type situation.

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