Grant Morrison on Batman

It’s a little odd, reading these things when I’m not actually a follower of most comic books, let alone Batman and the rest of the superhero crowd, but Grant Morrison has some fascinating things to say about his current work on that title. Even when I don’t know half of what he’s talking about, it’s very intriguing, seeing how he approaches the task of integrating his ideas into the existing material while doing something new. Anyway, I figured the comics fans among my readers who hadn’t already come across this article . . . okay, are probably few in number, but for them, I wanted to provide the link.

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  1. akashiver

    Interesting article. I liked his comments on fictionalized terrorists – it seemed like he was striking a reasonable middle ground between the “comics reflect the real world!” “comics should avoid the real world!” binary.

  2. princess706

    I’m one, thank you.

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