life lately

Yesterday, while napping, I dreamt that someone infected me and several other people with an incredibly virulent plague that instantaneously afflicted us with enormous boils and would kill us in something like half a day. I recall thinking, even in the dream, that they chose a bad plague; it might have an immediate, visceral horror to it, but something that produces symptoms instantly and kills that quickly won’t get very far. Moral of the story: if you want to really screw people over, choose a plague with a long incubation period, so they can infect other people before they know they’re carriers.

I blame that dream on the crud I picked up at GenCon; for the last several days, it’s felt as if someone filled my head with glue. It isn’t all that awful (no boils, for one thing), but I’ve been shambling around, doing a few things, and then lying down for Yet Another Nap. I’m not sure what to blame for the dream I had last night, wherein my brother and one of his best friends were unpleasantly killed; maybe it’s all the anti-crud drugs I’ve been filling myself with. Either way, could I have some nice dreams, please?

The glue-filled head and exhaustion have followed closely on the heels of some of the most teeth-gnashingly frustrating days I’ve had in a while, which, starting with the accident last Wednesday, has made for a less-than-optimal week. Not without its bright spots, but not the best. I’m hoping to achieve something resembling actual productivity today.

And maybe another nap. That sounds nice.

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  1. Anonymous


    I have dreams like that all the time; I attribute them to my bizarre brain chemistry. Not long ago, I dreamed that I shit out a dog, and it leaped out of the toilet and attacked my leg; I remember thinking, even while it was attacking, “This is impossible; how could it survive my digestive tract?”


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