the day after

My thanks to everyone who offered sympathy, good wishes, and/or chocolate. Today I’m feeling not bad at all, courtesy of the friendly neighborhood masseur (look! I remembered not to call you a masseuse!) — where by “not bad at all,” I mean that I’ve woken up with a stiffer neck on days that have no excuse for it whatsoever, let alone a vehicular collision. Occasional bits of twinginess, but that’s it. I’ll stay alert for any longer-term problems like recurring headaches, but I think I’m doing good. <knocks on wood>

Spent an hour or so driving around getting estimates for the repair. Thrilling excitement, let me tell you.

In unrelated news, there’s nothing like floundering around trying to find a name for a character, and then having the Perfectest Name Ever drop into your lap. Which happened yesterday with my Exalted character, Vajra. She’s a hard-ass, hard-fisted zealot determined to restore the worship of the Unconquered Sun. The vajra, in Buddhism, is essentially the indestructible adamantine thunderbolt that brings enlightenment. Hello, perfect name.

Let’s see if I can manage productivity today.

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  1. mrissa

    It is good to have a friendly neighborhood massaging-person of any sex. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

  2. oddsboy

    O_o That is, in fact, the perfectest name ever, for the character, the game…wow. grok


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