new experiences

After ten years behind the wheel of a car, I’ve had my first accident.

I’m sitting at a stoplight, minding my own business — fortunately with nobody in front of me — and then there’s an ungodly bang and my head snaps forward. First thought: the hell? Glance in rearview mirror. See grille of enormous pickup truck, looking way closer than it ought to. Second thought: uhhhh, what do I do now?

See, I don’t even remember being in an accident, with someone else driving. I know my parents have had a few, but if any of them were with me in the car, I was too young to recall. So now I’m getting to discover the exciting world of insurance claims. I don’t feel particularly hurt (though I’m getting a neck massage in an hour or so, to be on the safe side, and I took some Advil). My bumper’s a little dented, maybe a little askew, but the bad news is the trunk: I got rammed by one of those oversized pickups, and some bit of its front end managed to slam into my trunk lid and dent it forward. I have a feeling that’s one of those things that doesn’t look so bad but will cost a bloody fortune to fix. <sigh>

Not what I wanted to have happen with my afternoon. I think I’m going to curl up on the couch with one of my new books as consolation.

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  1. akashiver

    That *sucks.* I’m glad you’re ok, though.

  2. jimhines

    I’m glad you’re okay. (And hey, any excuse for a good massage, right?)

    This sounds eerily close to my one and only accident. Big old pickup rear-ended me in my little old convertible. I was lucky. The car was old enough it was mostly steel, and the truck hit at an angle where it crushed the front corner of the truck, but only smashed one of my taillights and scraped some paint.

    Good luck wading through paperwork and insurance and all of that crap. Do you know how much your insurance will cover, if any?

    • kniedzw

      They’re at fault, and they have insurance, so their insurance agency should cover the damages. That said, it’s an older car, so if the damages exceed the Blue Book value of the car, it’s totaled, and she gets the Blue Book value. Which would suck.

      We’ll see, however.

  3. sarcastibich

    I’m glad you are okay! I’m assuming you did get the other driver’s insurance information, because his insurance should pay for all the damages. He rear-ended you, thus it is his fault (so sayeth the state of Indiana) and his insurance will have to pick up the bill. Good luck with the insurance claims and stuff, they can be a big hassle. And hopefully you won’t stiffen up too badly. MOst of it will hit you tonight or by tomorrow, probably, if it is going to get bad at all.

  4. wadam

    Sorry to hear that. Accidents suck, and in some ways, they’re even worse when it’s not your fault. On the brightside, you came out more-or-less unscathed. And there are far worse things that could have happened than merely having to deal with insurance (although in the midst of dealing with insurance, it sure does seem to suck pretty bad).

  5. shadawyn

    As the police officer at my first accident said… “If this is the worst accident you get into, consider yourself lucky.”

    And my truck was totaled, if that tells you anything 😉

    Glad to hear you’re okay! It was his fault, so your insurance will take care of it for you 🙂

  6. sapphohestia

    Ugg . . . be careful with your neck and see a doctor if you need too – I was in a similar accident and I wish I had. I really hope the damage wasn’t too bad to your neck. Take good care of yourself, and I hope your car comes through OK.


  7. ninja_turbo

    Sorry to hear that there was suckitude. I hope everything gets sorted out amicably and there are no lasting injuries.

    And that you’re still coming to Exalted.

    Enjoy the new!book

  8. anghara


    Glad you’re okay – you are the important thing – the car could be an expensive nuisance but it’s fixable. Hope the idiot who hit you had insurance. When something similar happened to me a few years ago the dweeb who hit ME didn’t – and things got ugly in a hurry…

    Take care of yourself. Hope the rest gets sorted out without too much grief.

    • Marie Brennan

      He’s insured (and so am I), so at least things won’t go as horribly badly as they could. So far, they haven’t been bad at all — just some relatively brief and sane conversations with some agents.

  9. kleenestar

    Wow … I’m very glad you’re okay!! Here’s hoping your car is fixable and your neck doesn’t need any fixing at all. 🙂

  10. locke61dv

    I’m just really glad you’re okay.

  11. squishymeister

    Poo. In my opinion yesterday and today have been days that one should lock the doors and hide under blankets (with the AC on)

  12. lowellboyslash

    Ditto the glad you’re okay.

  13. eclectician

    Okayness good, paperwork bad. That said, I know a little chinese gentleman who’ll be very glad to do interesting things to your neck if it’s not the right shape..

  14. yaleartificer

    Glad you’re all right.

  15. lillornyn

    When you get to the apartment, there will be much clucking and well-wishing and expression of happiness that you’re A-OK.

    …and also chocolate. So there. 😉

  16. buzzermccain

    Sorry for the suck- *that’ll* teach you to sign copies of Doppelganger for free.

    ‘Cause clearly the two events are related.


    I hope things are straightened out with a minimum of fuss.


  17. khet_tcheba

    Oh, jeez! Well, the fact that you’re physically okay is a great relief. Not being the at-fault driver definitely makes things better, though there’s really nothing GOOD about a car accident. 🙁 Even if you aren’t having any problems with your neck now, it’s a good idea to document any related medical problems you might have so you don’t get stuck with the doctors’ bills if something results from this down the line, etc., etc.

    Enjoy your book – you definitely deserve it. 🙁

  18. moonartemis76

    I’m very glad that you’re OK. If you need anything let me know. 🙂 This includes company when you are more sore tomorrow (that’s the way these work – sore/stiff comes tomorrow) and don’t want to move off of the couch. I get off early (5pm!) so give me a call if you’d like company…. and feel better.

  19. Anonymous


    I had an accident back in April that very nearly put me out of commission permanently; it was another guy’s fault (there were three vehicles in the accident), but I’ve yet to see a penny from his insurance. Some claims are resolved quickly, but others aren’t, esp. when there are considerable medical bills involved, as in my case. Hopefully you won’t have that problem, since only the value of your car is involved.


  20. unforth

    Not treading new ground, but glad you are okay; cars can be replaced, people can’t be. And if the neck is still bothering you over the next couple days, go to a doctor. Stuff like that can be a lot worse than it seems, much much better safe than sorry. But yeah. Definitely glad that you are safe. 🙂

  21. coyotewatches

    Sorry to hear it. Keep your eye on the neck and take it easy today. You’ll be surprised how much more sore everything is the day after an accident, even a fender bender.

    Hope everything works out alright and know you’re in our thoughts.

  22. princess706


    Glad to hear you are ok.

    Today may be a little rough. After the adrenaline wears off, the fear goes away, and a good night’s sleep, you can find yourself surprisingly sore on Day 2. Take today easy, stay comfprtable, and do not be afraid to see a doctor just to make sure nothing is out of whack.

    Stupid stupid-huge trucks oughta be outlawed. They cause SO much damage when they hit things.

    Side note: I offer my services as car-girl if they are needed.

  23. just_not_right

    Good to hear that you survived relatively unscathed.

  24. danielmc

    that is what i get for not reading my LJ daily (hourly?) like a good obsessed geek that i be.

    glad you are ok. there be massage and juju markers waiting for you then next time i see you. (perhaps GenCon? I’ll be there saturday)

    may all go smoothly for you in the transistion.

  25. gollumgollum

    Suckitude!1 Glad to hear that you’re okay and that everyone’s insured. In my limited experience trunk lids cost way more than they oughtta. Good luck with all that, and again, glad you’re okay.

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